Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good luck to my Husband

Tonight my husband will come home late because it is their try out for their up coming sportsfest. His sports is Basketball. He loves playing basketball, actually he have a game every Tuesday which I also enjoy watching. There are several players who will be trying out later, and I think they will just pick about 6 - 10 people since some players have already taken the spot. I do hope he will be picked by the head coach. He wanted to play in their sportsfest.

Among all sports, I like watching basketball. Here in the Philippines, it is a very popular sports and some would even have bets on this game. In my husband's games, their opponent would want a bet sometimes, its just a small amount at stake. For popular games like PBA, sports watcher would have their own betting game. Have you ever heard "ending"? It is a local sport bets, where in you will choose what would be the end of ending result of the game scores. :D :D. I see a lot of people betting on this, since it is very easy, just give your gueses, like 2-1, or 6-4, something like that, just pay for a small price and you'll have a chance to win. I don't really try in this sort of betting. I am not really lucky with it.

How about you have you tried "ending"?

Blog Review: Life Can't Wait

Life Can't Wait is a blog authored by Marice. She is a sexy wife, and a loving mom. I was wondering why this site was titled as Life can't wait, is she always in a hurry? Upon reading her subtitle "Life is a series of experiences so live life as if everything is a miracle" made me understand why. She is right everyday is a miracle. Marice is an active participant of different weekly meme such as Wordless Wednesday, Ruby Tuesday, Mommy Moments and some others. With this memes, she shares her different experiences in life as a mother and as a wife. You can see pictures of them happily bonding together. She shares different pictures too, even food pictures that looks really delicious and mouthwatering making you want it. As she said, weekend is for her family, so you might not find her on the blogosphere in those days. :D

The floral background is very feminine. Her template is clean, with big sidebar and two mini side bar plus a three column footer. The widgets are placed nicely with some ads, blog roll, meme badges and some affiliations.  With a page rank of 4, Life Can't Wait deserves your visit, don't make her wait. hehehe.

This blog review is an entry for My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf's blogversary contest.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love contests!

I love joining different contest and giveaways though I am not really lucky with raffles or contest I still give a shot to the different contest and giveaways online wherein the winners are usually chosen through, chances are my number won't really be lucky :lol: But with K & Pehpot contest I gave my best shot since this is all about getting the highest points. It ended last March 18, over a week have past and the announcement of the winners is done already. I managed to grab the fourth prize and another $5 for being the best reviewer for Pehpot's Sexy Blogging site. Thanks Pehpot for choosing me. :D

There are just so many ways to get money instantly, there are lotteries, sport bets, sweepstakes and some others. I don't really try this in real life because I know I would be losing some money only. I would rather work hard for money. But with online contest and giveaways, wherein I only spent time for posting and following their rules, I got nothing to loose. I have so much to gain, like friends, additional traffic, plus the chance of winning some prizes and of course the excitement. I will never get tired of joining contest. hihihi.

Oh, I already got my prize, I will be posting the proof later.

New sites I joined

Gojini Buzz is like a social networking site, also similar to twitter. You follow people, get your own followers, post some updates, links, images or videos, and your followers will see the updates. This is not a paying site, I joined this because this is a task in one of the paying sites. I'm just sharing it with you, if you want to get additional exposure to your affiliate links. Also, they are giving out $10 to three members who will have the most number of followers / post. So, if you have a spare time, do join and follow me. :D

Kalutasan - you can ask question, and answer question. For every answer you get on your question you will earn $0.01 and for every answer you post you earn $0.01. For every question you post $0.01 will be deducted to your account.  Upon signing up you will get $1.00. Pays you through paypal when you reach $15. Quite easy right? I've searched and search trying to find payment proof for this site.. yeah, I'm not successful, so far all the info I got is that they are having problems with the site because of the theft system. Theft system is you can steal a maximum of 5 times per day. You can be robbed a maximum of 5 times per day. You can rob a user maximum 5 times per day. You can rob only 50% of the money a user has. You need to have atleast the same amount of money as you are trying to rob from a user. Who would want to work hard and in the end your earnings will be robbed by other lazy members. quite annoying, right? You can join at your own risk. heheh :D :D. Good Luck

Monday, March 29, 2010

Some payments

In the middle of this March, I decided to be more active with my online earnings. I've signed up to new money making programs, and I checkout some task with my existing programs. I am also back to posting in forums and clicking ads. Yes, I am still clicking ads and I managed to have three small payments last week. For me, this small payments is not a waste of time, because I do the clicking while posting to other sites. I got payment from Clicksia, Incentria, and HKbuzz. All Aurora type PTC.

I also withdrew $1 from a HYIFund, this is just from the free investment I got last year. And they are still offering free investment, just click here for details.

As you can see, the - $30.35 is the amount I've sent to paymanila, so I can pay my Smart billing. What is paymanila? Find out here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

In need of the Perfect Eyeglasses

Few years back I've always thought I have a perfect vision. I can see the sign boards of buses even at night, there was no problem when I watched movies or just the television. Things change, everything started to get blurry, whenever I watch the television I want to be near it but I would always ignore it.

One family outing, I borrowed the glasses of my brother's girlfriend so we can sing along the videoke. That's the time I realized that I really need to get a good eyeglass for me. I would compare reading the lines when I don't have the glasses or when I have the glasses, of course when I wear it, I can read better.

That's why I decided to consult a doctor and he advice to get an eyeglass for me. I was able to get used to wearing eyeglasses. Now, that I work in an office and do a lot of online stuffs,  I am front of the computer for about 12 hours, it would be really difficult if I don't have my eye glasses. Every thing and every one would be blurry.  Just recently, my glasses fell, and a small portion of the glass broke. Though I can still use it, but it won't look good. I need a new eye glasses ASAP, it is really difficult for me if I don't have it.  Now, I am in search of a high quality but affordable eyeglass.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New way to earn!

Do you want to get paid after reading an article about Blogging, Internet Marketing, Photography, Psychology, parenting, poetry, non-fiction or fiction stories or just about anything? If Yes, then, you MUST join Readbud.

Excellent earning potential for:

  • Website owners who wish to capitalize from their website
  • Bloggers, regardless of topic covered
  • Forum/message board owners and users alike
  • Social network members with plenty of connections
How does it work?

1. Click to banner below and register:

2. Choose the interest you want, you can choose up to 50 interest!

3 Start reading an article and rate it!

4. Refer your friends and family for more earning potential

5. Cash out as soon you reach $50. Pays through Paypal.

Join now

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am browsing a HYIP monitoring site, thinking if I will invest my remaining money at LR, after I transacted with Paymanila. There are really a lot of Scam HYIP sites out there, so I am thinking twice and searching and searching what is the best HYIP. Genius Fund have always been on the top performer hyip in the most monitoring site that's why I was shocked to find out now that it turned into scam. Wow! Good thing I didn't invest here or else I would say good bye again to my dollars. :D :D.

Another HYIFund update, I got 4 referrals there now, I hope they got the free investment. They can earn about $0.05 doing nothing. Currently, I have $0.88 balance there for doing nothing. :D

Anyway, I am now trying a different earning program so I hope I can get better with my writing and with updating my blog. Have you already Soak the red dot in vinegar? Me? nah! I don't even know what it means! haha. What's gotten into me, I'm just lost. So many things happen last night that I don't want to talk about now but is bothering me now. I Hope I'll be better tomorrow. You can't beat a good euphonious

What to do with Liberty Reserve money?

You are all aware that I am trying my luck with the HYIPs. Some times it's good some times its not, but I was already able to accumulate some money at LR. So the question now is, what would I do with that money? Unlike Paypal and/or Alertpay, you can not transfer your money from Liberty Reserve to your bank. You can withdraw (redeem) value from your Liberty Reserve account by using any number of independent exchange providers listed on the Liberty Reserve website. Exchange providers are not affiliated with Liberty Reserve and your dealings with them are at your own risk. But with user in the Philippines (like me) I availed the service of Paymanila so my LR money can be used.

I've been using Paymanila Services for a year already, and their service is excellent and quick. This is the first time I will be using my Liberty Reserve money to pay my bill with Smart cellphone. It's so easy. Just go to PayBill Section and fill up a form like this:

you will see how much money you need to transfer to Pay Manila's account. After transfer of money, just submit the form and you will see a confirmation.

Wait for a few minutes, Paymanila will process your request and he will give you your transaction code. I always do this while Paymanila representative is online. Usual time would be Morning: 7am to 9am
Evening: 6pm to 9pm, but they are so accomodating that even during lunch time, they accomodated my request :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

I accepted a Job

Last week, I received a text message from some one asking if I want to be a Moderator in a site that she owns. I was hesitant at first because I am not active in her site anymore. I just visit it from time to time and yet I rarely post not like before when I was new to her site. I was so honored that even though my hiatus from her site, Juliet still considered me to be one of her Moderator. That's why I accepted it. And I am happy I did. I just love posting in forums and meeting new people. The difference of her forum, which is called, is that it is open to individuals who want to meet friends from different country, and much more, they aim to be a place where single men / women meet the love of their life. Of course, Married people like me are also welcome. So, if you are fond of forums, and love to meet friends from around the world, do drop by this great site and join for free. Oh and don't worry, posts are well moderated and we don't tolerate vulgar words. :D


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good News!

As I was browsing my inbox for Adz Quick solo ads, I saw an ad that says "HYIFund is currently offering a $2.50 investment to all new members." I have to go directly to the site if it is true. And yes, it is written on the frontpage that:
HYI Fund is currently offering a free $2.50 investment to all new members. Simply sign up for a new account, and you will automatically receive $2.50 deposited to your account. You can compound your profits, or withdraw, whichever you prefer.
For the Benefit of those who are not familiar with HYIFund is a High Yield Investment Program or simple HYIP. It has been offering the public High Yield Investments through a comprehensive daily profit fund. I have been a member of this site since August 26, 2009, I just deposited $1 from my Liberty reserve account, and I already have a earned a total interest of $8.80. I don't do anything here, I just check the site once in awhile, and decide if I will withdraw the money or not. Sometimes I would even forget that I have money here :D :D
So enough of my speech, if you want to try HYIP, this is the right time, just click here, and register.Another good thing here is that they accept not only Liberty REserve but also Alertpay e-currency.

ooppss, another reminder, usually this offer is limited! So better act fast!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to Earning Money Online

I've been a little lazy for the past months, been so busy managing my cafe. (at facebook) hahaha. But I just realized that I need more money in real life, so I decided to get back with my quest to earn online. So there will be more update here on what new sites I joined for trial, or sites that paid me already. Or just about anything in earning online. I would also try to look for more opportunity on my blog.

To start with, I already posted something again at Morachat, since this site is really prompt in payment. For the benefit of those who don't know what Morachat is, it is a paid to post forum, wherein members get credit of up to $0.02 per posts. They have a wide range of topic, and moderators are very visible that would always check the member's post quality.  I already received a total of 5 payments from this site, to see a payment proof you can click here. I am already almost 75% of the minimum payout which is $9, hopefully, by the end of the month, I can request for a cash out. I am hoping that I can request cash out from this site every month. *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hottest Competition: Web Designing

Just a week ago, I have invited you guys to join "Create Your Own Website" Contest! So how was it? Alright, keep that creative juices and bright ideas coming! The competition is still up and running so for those who are interested, just visit VA Training Online for more information.

Here's a quick glimpse on how to join the contest:

As for the prizes, there's a wide range of it to choose from! Some tempting items:

Take a look of their favorites here...

For submission of entry, you can refer to the Contest Form. This is open worldwide and will end on June 30, 2010. Best of luck!
* Don’t know where to start? Here’s your guide: Overview on Website Planning & Creation

* You know your contents but you don’t exactly know how to build a website? These step-by-step videos will help: Video Walkthrough

Monday, March 8, 2010

tick..tick...tick... Few Days Left!

Yup, only 10 days left before K & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest.

The prizes:

And once again, I am inviting everyone to JOIN!!! 

You just need to complete 5 steps in order to qualify for this contest:

1.  Copy the codes HERE and post it in your blog 
2. Post a comment HERE, stating that you blogged about the contest
3. Copy another codes HERE and post it in your blog
4. Post a comment HERE, stating that you have a new blog for the sponsors
5. Post a comment HERE, stating that redamethyst(it's me) referred you to the contest

After completing those 4 very simple steps you are already qualified for the contest.

By doing the fifth step you helped me gain 50 points that's why I will giving you one month 125x125 advertising space for FREE!!!  And also if you are an Entrecard member, I'll give you 1000 EC credits! Just comment here, the user name you used and your links to you blog posts

Thank you so much!

See, it's like hitting two birds with one stone! JOIN now!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Redamethyst is Simple Pero Rock

Technically, you read "Simple pero rock" in my native language Filipino, though you can also read it english as simple but rock. :D When I landed on the site, a woman holding a guitar on the header welcomed me..... hahahaha... this is not a review for my own site. Though I am one of the third level sponsors of K & Pehpot's blogversary contest, I need not to do a review of my own site. Yup, for those who don't know :D Simple Pero Rock is my personal blog. Theme and layout is courtesy of an online friend Sam of A Mom's life & loves and The blogger hub and Tsinaywrites. She's also the one who encouraged me to get my own domain and transfer it to wordpress, as she says there are more opportunities when I do that.

I don't know what got into my mind that I decided to do blogging last August of 2009. But until now I still consider myself newbie in the blogosphere, that's why joining this contest made me think twice, no thrice, no maybe even more(lol), because, I don't have an idea on how to make a blog review. Good thing, the host herself, has her own guide to creating a review. And so I tried. I didn't except that I will be able to do all the sponsors' reviews, but yes I finally finished the reviews yesterday. Joining the contest is like hitting two birds with one stone. I get a chance to win some prizes, and I get to do some reviews and visit new site. Though, I'm still newbie with this writing thingy, I feel I gained a lot of experience. As they say practice makes perfect. lol. And once again, I would like to thank K & Pehpot for this wonderful contest and experience they've given to the contest participants.

Here's the complete list of K & Pehpot's blogversary contest sponsor, with the links on my reviews. Please if you have time, do check them out and criticize me. Thank you so much. mwaaah :-*

1. Novice On Blogging (Noob) 
2. At Home Here
3. Sexy Blogging
4. My Camerasexy
5. Dishes By Pehpot
6. His Unfailing Love
7. My Memories and Crystals
8. Bacolod and Beyond Journey
9. Azumi
10. Fab Momma
11. Mara's Personal Bubble
12. Mara's Appetite
13. The Pinay Blogger @ Home
14. Diva Fabulosa
15. Best vacation Places
16. Momma Wannabee
17. Advising Writers
18. United World Poets
19. A Mom's Life and Loves
20. Travelin' With Marie
21. Happy Thoughts
22. Stalking Mind
23. Living Life To The Fullest
24. Online Mommy's Corner
25. Her And History
26. Careless Whisper
27. In My Psyche
28. My Quality Day
29. Just Throw Money
30. My Journey To Life
31. Cotton Candy Buzz
32. The Mommy Journey
33. Super Gulaman
34. Pen, Paper and Pan
35. Niko's Blog
36. Lover's Mushroom
37. Yena's World
38. Girls Rule!
39. Trendy And Heartily Yours
40. Husband of A Blogger
41. Glitter Page
42. Here Comes The Bride
43. Heart Random
44. Wonder Wifey
45. Coffee, Anyone?
46. Clarisse After Dark
47. Jena Isle's Random Thoughts
48. Where The Moon Shines
49. Crossroads.. Where Ideas Meet
50. Simple Pero Rock -
51. it's not always about me...
52. Pinay Mommy Online
53. How I Earn Money Online
54. A Woman Remembers
55. Beng's Entertainment Spree
56. My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf
57. Yashiro
58. The Blogger Hub
59. Embrace Life
60. Home Buddies
61. Brisbane Australia
62. The Latest Buzz
63. 113Tidbits - Social Feeds And Daring Commentary
64. Thoughts And Obsessions
65. Just About Anything
66. Blog Appetite
67. I Am Buraot
68. Anak Ni Kulapo
69. Seiko's Diary
70. Mom Conversations
71. Random WAHM Thoughts
72. Make or Break
73. WAHMaholic
74. Reviews Inc.


Thank you also to the other contest participant who did their blog review for my site:

Mys - Written by Mys
Kikamz - Just About anything
Sherry - Sherry Rambling
Gene - Her and History

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heart Random

A blog review for Heart Random as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

I saw a Simple looking blog when I clicked on the link Heart Random at K & Pehpot's third level sponsor list. This is a blog by Sherry. It has two columns layout with white background, while it has a blue background for the title. No header picture and not so many widgets on the sidebar. The latest posts are shown on the sidebar, while archives and tag cloud are found at the bottom of the page. Sherry loves blogging, she enjoys getting to know different people when she do her blog hopping. She loves joining contests; actually, she is quite busy with doing some review for K & Pehpot's contest. She's also a sponsor to some contest.  As she said, she loves random blogging, and this is where she can express it, that's why topics are random. It can be about shopping, fashion, jewelries, love, or anything that she feels like blogging. Most of the posts are short but she can directly express what she wants to share. 
The blog's birthday is coming this April, I wonder, since she loves contest, is going to celebrate her blogversary with a contest too. Let's wait and see, as for now, be updated with the latest contest and jewelry fashion by visiting Heart Random. :D

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Throw Money

Aside from being a nature lover, a woman who loves hiking, Sharkbytes is also trying to earn online. She is also the author of the site, Just Throw Money. This is her journey on trying to make more than 25 cents a day by blogging. The site have a simple three column layout with white background. Ads are on both sides and some buttons on where you can get additional earnings online. She's a member and run ads of adgitize, cmf, and entrecard. At the bottom of the page, there's more ads and the page rank, which is two(2).

She joins different online program that can generate additional income like Paying Post and Shared Reviews, she's giving Paid to Click(PTC) a try also. She gives a very detailed explanations of the sites she is joining and trying. Proof of payments are also posted. This site is almost one year old already, and over this past year, the author is attempting to build some acceptable level of income from blogging. She is currently earning an average of $1.50 a day just by blogging. But she is not stopping, she's rethinking the use of her time, and I know she will not stop in her quest for additional money online. So, if you want to learn more on making money online, Just Throw Money will give you ideas about this.

A blog review for Just Throw Money as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Listen to Careless Whispers

A blog review for Careless Whispers as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

Careless Whispers is a blog of Grace. This is not my first visit from this site, but since it is one of the third level sponsors of  K & Pehpot's Contest, I decided to do a review for this blog. The site's layout is quite simple, except for the colorful background courtesy of scrap-e-blog. It has two columns on which the sidebar has many ads. I'm not really satisfied with the way the side bar look, archives, labels and profile are missing. But this didn't stop me from getting to know Grace. She is a mother of three kids (hope I get it right) and she returned home in the Philippines after three years of being separated from her kids. I learned that this woman have a very soft spot, she even donated a small amount to buy a medicine of garbage scavenger's child. Though she has a soft spot, she is also brave especially when it comes to her kids, like what happened on that Unlucky Day. Aside from personal stories she have, her posts are very informative, you can get a lot of tips on different things in life, spotting a liar would be easier now after reading her post. Visit Careless Whispers today and discover lots of things.

Explore Her and History

A blog review for Her and History as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

Genefaith gave birth to her blog, Her and History in December 2009 to serve as her online diary, but after blogging for sometime, her love for blogging grew, and she monetize her blogs. The theme of the site is very feminine, with pink and white background, and an image of a woman in a window, holding a pen and paper, as if thinking of something to write. This blog is about her story, and the story of the rest of the woman who has notable, important or interesting stories to share. Who would ever think that a 107 years old Malaysian woman is still seeking for her 23rd husband? You can read that on her site. Most of her stories are written in a very detailed manner, that's why sometimes, the article is a bit long, but I didn't get bored with reading her long articles. Her long articles are very descriptive that you yourself can imagine the story. She also posts pictures to support her stories. She is a loving wife to the only man who made her say yes, and they celebrated their eighth year as a couple last September. Wow, I hope hubby and I can reach that number. She's a teacher, a loving sister to her 13 siblings and a child of God. You can read her choices of Bible verses that she incorporates in her daily life. Find out more about Her and History, and be blessed.

Online Mommy's Corner

A blog review for Online Mommy's Corner as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

I visited Online Mommy's Corner for the first time because this is a third level sponsor for K & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest. Since this is my first visit to this site, I immediately look for the "about" or profile section, unfortunately I can not locate it. I think having about or profile section will give her reader an idea who she is. The blog have three column template, with widgets placed cleanly. She also gives credit to her top commenter by placing the commenter's badge. The header image is beautiful also, a frame showing a picture of a house. The layout looks like a notebook, and at the bottom of the page, there is a colored pencil. It is as if the author is just writing something on a journal.

This site is about the author's journey as a woman, friend, wife, and mother and as a child of God. She has a weekly dose of Bible Verses that is so inspiring and she can relate each verse in her daily life. Aside from paid posts, her topics are wide range, food, health matters, games, movies, to name a few. She is also a very proud mother of Sciezka, you can check out her Mommy Moments entries. Visit Online Mommy's Corner, and be inspired with her articles.

"Create Your Own Website" Contest!

Your own website plays a very important role in making your online business successful. It is like shooting two birds in one stone: enhancing your creativity and promoting your business. Now, nothing gets exciting than having multiple rewards by creating your own website. Yes, on top of that two benefits you can also win fabulous prizes!

Design a unique and dynamic website and win the prize of your choice! This competition is open to all Virtual Assistants or Online Freelancers. VA Training Online is giving you the chance to shine through this online initiative. Joining is easy as 1-2-3!

Cool prizes await grand winners! Here's an update about favorite prizes:

You may also click the above image for a real-time view of the pie graph.

To create your own website, refer to the criteria for judging. Once done, submit your masterpiece here!

This is open worldwide and will end on June 30, 2010.

* Don’t know where to start? Here’s your guide: Overview on Website Planning & Creation

* You know your contents but you don’t exactly know how to build a website? These step-by-step videos will help: Video Walkthrough

What are you waiting for? Grab this once in a lifetime opportunity! Should you wish to spread the word just copy the code below:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Travelin' With Marie

A blog review for Travelin' with Marie as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

This is my first time to visit Travelin' With Marie. Since I don't really have an idea of the site, I decided to take a peek at the reviews of other bloggers. Now, this is the start of my confusion. The screen shot of their reviews is different from the page that I landed on. I double checked the url and yes, I'm on the right pages. So I decided to look around first to find out what happened. I found out that this is the Author's new blog site. Initially, the plan for this blog is for the wedding plans and updates, but later decided that this will be about married life and mommyhood after the wedding. Her old blog, is re-routed here. I decided to do the review for the new blog, with the same url at K & Pehpot's contest. 

The author is Leilani, or Ms. Marie, she loves to plan, organize and do scrap booking. This blog is about her journey of finding her path while planning her wedding which is three months from now.  Her birthday is coming up also, so she already has her Mega wish list for her friends to decide what gift they want to give her. :D

The site has a very nice three column layout, with blue and white background and a simple header. On the sidebar, you can see the picture of the lovely couple, photo books, and her favorite designer. I also like the fonts of her font titles. So if you want to travel with Marie's journey to the married life, visit her at Travelin' with Marie.

Poets meet at United World Poets

A blog review for United World Poets as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

Plato once said, "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."  This must be the reason why Mary Joy Antonio is a member of United World Poets. She is a 14-year old Filipina. This girl, caught my eye when I was browsing the site. At a very young age, she can already write poems and meaningful blogs, she loves life, the sunset, her friends, her family and at a young age she is not shy to tell the world how she loves God through her poetry.

United World Poets is a social poetry community for poets worldwide. Upon landing on the page, you will see a purple background, a color that symbolizes nobility and spirituality, it fits poets so much. It has three column layout that have lots of widget on both the sidebar showing videos, forum posts, photos, latest activities, members and groups, poetry books, ads and members who celebrates their birthdays today. Navigational menu is available but I don't think it's that helpful because poetry tabs are empty. Other than that the layout is fine.

The site is very interesting to read, with over 1160 members around the world who contribute their poetry works.  Some of the popular topics are poetry, faith and love. Forum discussions are also available so members can exchange ideas with fellow poets. So if there's a hidden poet inside you, be a part United World Poets and show the whole world your creative poems.


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