Saturday, February 20, 2010

Get some tips on How Fedhz Earn Money Online

 A review for How I Earn Money Online as entry to Kaye & Pehpot Contest.

How I Earn Money Online is another blog created / authored by Fedhz of Home Buddies. At Home Buddies you can see at the side bar how much she earns. At How I Earn Money Online you will see or read how she earns online.

The site is very simple. Three column layout, white background, normal black fonts. Very simple and yet very clean. Just looking on the side bar you will get tips already on how to earn online. You can see the buttons for programs that will make you earn through writing reviews or ads on your blog on the sidebar. If you are here to get some ideas on earning online, just choose from the categories located also at the side bar.

As the title suggested, the topics here are ways to earn online. This is about Fedhz's personal experience. Proof of payment from sponsored review and other programs are posted. Updates, on different programs like when adgitize was down is also here. She even post unpleasant experience like what happened with Bukisa. This is very helpful so newbies can stay out of scam sites.

You'll learn a lot from this site. So, if you are into earning programs, don't miss to bookmarked "How I earn money Online" I'd better contact Fedhz for link exchange.


  1. will find the time to visit this site... ng magkapera naman ako :D

  2. I saw her little girl blog very nice :D

  3. earn ako before sa sponsored review pero stop din kalaunan. ok din kasi sila magbayad e

  4. yeah fedhz has nice blog info on health too


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