Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ref Motor still Legit!

I posted last Monday that I wasn't able to access Refmotor the whole day. Tuesday came, and they are back online so I immediately withdraw the pending money I got there. and as usual, I got it on an instant.

2/9/2010 08:58         29054466          U0239843(RefMotor)        $1.36

But yesterday I was trying to access Refmotor, but I can't, I asked my friend, but everything is fine on her side. When I checked again today I am happy that they are back online. I also received an email from them, and I am so excited to share to you the information:

1- We Will Pay Free Bonus to All our members EVEN those members who have not made deposits! Open your account and withdraw it instantly!! even if you haven't made deposit yet!

2-To Share our earnings with our great members and show our power we are so glad to announce that we will giving 10% Cash Back on every new deposits, which will be paid to you very fast! please note that we have over 17000 members and it takes a little time for the 5% cash back to be added in to your account.

Yup! FREE BONUS for ALL members. Although, the bonus is not huge, this is just their way of saying thank you to all their active investors and members. To my referrals, Check your account, to non-members sign up now, and get a free money! 


  1. invite me sis, maybe i'll join :D

  2. i check this out when contents end, need to earn more points to get high points

  3. @mary rose yeah points are important now


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