Friday, October 29, 2010

Second payment from UniteTrade

Here's my second from Unite Trade. My first payment and some information about UniteTrade is posted here.

I recommend you try the starter plan:

Earn 120% After 1 Week
6% Referral commission
$5 Minimum Deposit
$5000 Maximum Deposit
Principal Included

I myself just tried the starter plan with $5 twice already and twice I was paid after a week. Since I registered to the site last October 13, I already gained $2.Take a look at my account below, total $12 withdrawal. Try it yourself, the accept Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Alert Pay e-currencies.

Reminder: HYIP always involve risks.

Friday, October 22, 2010

HYIP: UniteTrade is Paying

Most of you know that I try HYIP once in a while. More details about HYIP here. I usually get paid by the site I choose but sometimes I am scammed too. After several months of not joining any HYIP, I decided to join Unite Trade last week.

Their Plan:
This is for starter:
Earn 120% After 1 Week
6% Referral commission
$5 Minimum Deposit
$5000 Maximum Deposit
Principal Included

for Professional:

Earn 150% After 15 Days
6% Referral commission
$100 Minimum Deposit
$60000 Maximum Deposit
Principal Included

I deposited $5 last October 13 and now this is my payment:

They accept Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Alert Pay e-currencies.

Try it now while its hot and paying. Just always remember HYIP is a risk.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Contest End....

To all Participants and Sponsors
Thank you for making my contest possible
I will finish verifying the entries this next few days
I will print all the entries and let my non-blogger friends read it and choose what they think is best.
Just Bear with me. hehehe. 
Good luck to all participants!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Two days to go...

Before the end of my contest. I wasn't able to give you the points update. I decided not give you now because the end is just so near. I decided to change the minimum points required for the raffle draw. If you have 200 points then you already have one raffle entry. You will receive another entry for every 100 points after. I will give you the list of contest participants in points ranking. Beginning from the highest pointer, while the names in red means they scored lower than 200 points. If you don't see your name on the list, it means you didn't fill up the required form which can be found here.You can still fill up the form so I can count your entries.

Mary Rose M
Rochelle Ann
Shi Min
Mona Liza
Fe M.
Rochelle T
Christine A
Tan pei
Joanne marie
Christine V

You still have time to join my contest and have a chance to win any of the following:

Blog post

* 1st prize
o $50 cash thru paypal
o One month Adgitize coupon worth $14
o one month ad space

* 2nd prize
o $20 cash thru paypal
o Make up goodies

* 3rd prize
o $10 cash thru paypal
o one month ad space

For the raffle prizes:
* One month adgitize coupon worth $14
* 2 -$10 cash thru paypal
* 4 - $5 cash thru paypal
* 5000 ec credits
* 2000 ec credits
* 3 - 1000 ec credits

Just follow the following simple steps to join.

1. Blog about the contest including my sponsor list and contest badge.  Just copy the codes here:

2. Subscribe to my blog's feeds. Just click the following:

Subscribe to Earn Money with Red by Email
Subscribe to Simple Pero Rock by Email
Subscribe to My Red Hot Reviews by Email
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Subscribe to Contest and Giveaways by Email
Subscribe to How to Make Money Online by Email
Subscribe to Food and Appetite by Email

3. Fill up the form HERE so I can count your entries 

Doing the THREE EASY steps above will give you one raffle entry already. But if you want to share your most memorable experience as a blogger and have a shot on the blog post prizes, the create your entry now and place your link here:

If you have multiple blogs, you can spread the word about the contest by making a blog post about the contest, enter your links here and get a chance to win one of the 5 - $3. More blogs means more chances of winning.


And if you refer someone here starting now, I will give you additional 100 points.
If you want more points visit this page for more details

Thank you everyone for joining!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Joining Link from Blog

I have seen Link from Blog several times already but it's just now that I decided to join the site. I know this is one of the sites that bloggers join to monetize their website. I need other ways to earn online and I think doing sponsored reviews from Linkfromblog should be included on my list. I just hope I can get opportunities from this site. Oh, I guess it won’t hurt if I try.

Anyway, if you are not a member of this site yet, you can join LINKFROMBLOG by clicking the banner below so we can make money in blogosphere together.

Sponsored reviews

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