Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making Things Easier

I like being able to stay at home for my work. Now, naturally it can get a little on the lonely side. I don't get to see too many people, unless I intentionally look for them, like going out to lunch with a friend or whatever. But without a "day job" to go to, time starts to get a little bit odd. And it isn't like I can just go take a minute and talk to the person in the cubicle next to me, either. But it's not too lonely in blog land, since I have so many nice people to talk to online.

The funny thing is, I'm finding that the online lifestyle is getting a little bit easier. I mean, it's the kind of thing you have to take some time and get accustomed to. Maybe there are people who are naturals at being online all the time and getting everything done, but I'm not one of them. And I don't have such excessive pride that I would get discouraged by my lack of natural talents. After all, it's all about how well you take things in stride and grow your skills, right? I'm sure I'll eventually get this whole thing down.

Some of the skills I've been learning are things like paying bills on the computer. It's a little tricky to pay things like your auto insurance and your gas bill online at first. After all, you have to set up all the account numbers, the address of the company to be paid, and all of that stuff. But I think it's a pretty cool little triumph of technology, once it starts to work. Because once that happens, you can get a whole lot more things done in a day. It used to take me a half hour just to write and mail checked. It's a whole lot faster now.

Fast Cash with Payday Loans

Just about everyone finds themselves in tight financial situations at some point. It stinks and you wish you were just not sitting there worrying about how to pay the bills. Payday loans are easy to get. The extra cash helps you pay pending bills and avoid late charges.

The process of applying for these quick loans is fast. It is often as easy as logging on to a website and filling out a form. Managing your finances is the underlying issue here, so if you just want to apply for loans to have extra cash to burn, think again. You will end up to your hair follicles in debt from the interest and the late charges alone.

It does not help the budget when electric and other utility bills go up, or if the car breaks down. Salary freezes and job losses are not doing many people good either. You might even be planning a vacation, and all of the sudden the bottom falls out of your bank account. Investing the time in looking for a job is pretty tough, especially if you have a family and a demanding boss.

There are many opportunities to settle your budget by earning something online. This can boost your savings and even help you pay off payday loans. You could write content or try selling something. With so many Web templates out there to start an ecommerce site, it is possible for almost anyone to get into this.

If you are in a jam and can return the funds in a short time, payday loans can settle the situation quick. Make sure the due date for payment is on your calendar, and you should not have a problem at all. Averting credit card late charges and bank overdraft fees is never a bad thing either.

Making Blog Content Good

If you are new to the world of blogging it’s probable that you have high hopes that what you have to say will matter and that you will be the next big blogging craze. But do you know how to make your blog stand out? Do you know how to engage readers with your content? It’s not enough to be able to write, it’s about how you write it and what you write about. Internet readers have a ton of choices and unless you bring you’re A-Game they are bound to go elsewhere.

Be Specific

Make your blog about something. Whether it be online games or a recently divorced female on the dating scene, readers want to know what they are going to get from your blog each and every time. That’s why not only having a subject matter, but a unique point of view and writing style will make your blog stand out against the rest. This makes for online reading that your viewers will come back to again and again.

Be Short and Sweet

Occasionally a long blog post is fine. If you happen to be telling a gripping story then writing 2,000 words could be engaging to your reader, but more often than not your reader is there because they have a few moments in between the tasks at work and want to read your blog. If you keep coming at your readers with short novels each and every day they will quickly fall out of love with your blog. Keep your readers interested by keeping your thoughts between 300 and 750 words. If the content is good and to the point then your audience will look forward to reading your blog on a daily basis and that’s the first step toward success.

Clothing Heaven is Online

As every reader of this blog knows, the Internet is a great place to earn money. It is also a great place to save money. One thing we all need to buy, and many people love to buy, is clothing.

If you are one of those people who can’t think of anything worse than spending your day off fighting your way through crowds of shoppers, then you may have already discovered the absolute joys of fulfilling your retail desires online. Alone. Comfortable. Happy. Bliss! If you haven’t ever browsed the online clothes retailers, then where have you been?!

There are a number of reasons why people may be apprehensive about buying clothing online. Maybe it’s because they can’t try the clothes on first. If this is the case, it is perfectly understandable. Knowing that most people feel this way, good online retailers offer both free postage and free returns should there be anything unsuitable about the purchase. If the products are of a high quality then the retailer should have no problem in offering a no-questions-asked return policy, because most people won’t need to use it.

The huge savings that can be made when purchasing online is another reason why it makes sense to any frugal consumer to buy online whether it’s ladies’ wear, mens’ clothing or kids’ outfits. By cutting their overheads though avoiding all the expenses involved in running a regular store (such as rent, rates and employee wages), online clothing retailers can offer lower prices on the same clothing sold in high-end stores. Yes, so you might have to wait a few days to receive your new clothes, but it’s only a short time. And besides, think about all those hours you saved not driving to the shops, searching for a parking spot and walking from store to store!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Microworkers 3rd payment

Here's my third payment from Microworkers. I'm beginning to love this site already. Before, I don't appreciate this site, but lately they have been offering many tasks for employees to do that's why I reach minimum payment immediately. Highest paying tasks are blog posts of 50 words plus a link to the advertiser's site. Yes, the rates are lower as compared to other sites such as sponsored reviews, but just doing 10 or more tasks you will be able to reach your payout. You can choose what type of job to accept. How about you? Have you received your microworkers paymnet already? Are you a member? If not, join now and starting making money.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to earn with Adgitize

There are three simple ways to earn with Adgitize.

As a publisher you can earn as low as 15 cents a day. You just need to score 200 points a day in order to earn this.

As an advertiser you can earn as low as 20 cents when you have a minimum 200 points a day. Earn a minimum of 47 cents a day when you score minimum of 300 points. As for me I earn $0.55 a day because I earn 400 points. In 30 days, you get your money back that you used for a month of advertising.

As an affiliate, you will earn $5 for the every advertiser you bring to Adgitize. And every month earn $1 if they continue to advertise on Adgitize.

So how do we earn points?

Place the adgitize widget on your sites. You can place two adgitize groups with a maximum of 10 ads. Each time your page is shown you will earn ad and page views. At the end of the day it would be converted to points.

Click 100 ads a day. Just visit a blog with an adigitize widget, click one ad and it will give you one point. Continue doing it until you reach 100 click points. If you are an advertiser, you just need to click 50 ads to earn 100 click points.

Publish one article a day and you will receive another 100 points.

Become an advertiser and get additional 100 points.

If you all the things above you will earn more than 300 points as an advertiser, or more than 200 points as a publisher only. I hope this post is helpful to those who is not familiar with adgitize.

Not an adgitize member yet? Just click the banner below and register for free.

Adgitize your web site.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bonus points

Only one got the correct answer on my previous guessing game.
The right answer is Wi-Tribe and only ZOAN got it. She will have additional 90 points.

I have a new blog. It’s a food blog and its quite hungry because it has a few google friends and few subscriber. So, please if you have time please visit my latest blog: Food, Appetite & Me. Connect with me through google and subscribe to my feeds. Kindly add it on your blog roll too. If you have done this, I will give you extra 100 points.

Just leave your name, email address used for subscribing and the link to your blog roll where you placed my link

And Yes! There is still a lot who haven’t joined the contest. There are four simple steps to follow in order to qualify for the blog post and raffle draw prizes:

**Create a blog post about my contest with contest sponsor links, copy the code here:

**Place my contest badge on your sidebar you can also see the code here.

**Subscribe to my feeds and follow all my blogs you can see all the buttons and links here.

**And finally, create your Most Memorable journey as a blogger post.

***Submit your entries here. That’s it.

Thank you, thank you!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HKBuzz 3rd Paymnet

Here's another payment from a PTC. Some of you might be tired of clicking ads, honestly I get tired and bored to sometimes but I realized doing this while doing other tasks or while playing farmville and cafeworld won't hurt at all. Actually, its helpful since it will help me have some funds on my paypal account. As I always say, every cent counts.

Being a verified member at HKBuzz will give you more available ads to click. Payment for verified membership is very cheap. For only $3 a year, or $5 for a lifetime membership plus 500 hits advertising credits.

Adgitize 6th Payment

This post was long overdue. I received my 6th payment from adgitize last September 10. Once again, thank Ken Brown for the payment and of course the traffic that adgitize brings to my blogs.

If you are not a member of adgitize yet, today is the right time to join. Why? Because not only it will bring visitors to your blog or website, it will help you earn money to get back the money you used for advertising. Aside from that, you will be able to visit other blogs that would match your interest. One month advertising costs $14.00 only.

Adgitize your web site.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick Update

Hello everyone! Thank you to all bloggers who have joined my contest. There is still plenty of time to join the raffle and blog post contests and still more time to get more points if you are aiming for the highest pointer prizes. I will be updating the scores this week(hopefully)! In the meantime, in my previous post I was asking you to guess what's my internet service provider. I got one correct answer already and I am looking for three winners. If until Wednesday no other participant would be able to guess the correct answer, I will give all the 90 points to the one who first gave the correct answer. Come on! Do your research, just google it and he will give you the answer, you have time until Wednesday to grab the 20 points for two contest participants. :) :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Whatever happened to Content Current?

I used to love content current. This is another paid to write program. I used to receive a lot of payments from them, some proofs you can see here.They have two option, article writer and forum writer. Of course I maximized my role as a forum writer. I received several payments from them and it became one of my favorite sites. But these past few months there are no forum posting opportunity BUT there are still article writing opportunities. I didn’t apply as article writer so I can’t accept any opportunities. Most of the people I know who is working on content current is as forum writer too so I can't really check if they are still paying. Any of you who have news from content current? 

But if you want to try them out, you can apply as a writer and make sure you check on the box that says apply for article writing. Just a note my last payment from them was April. You can register, try out one article and see if they will pay. They don’t have a minimum payout so even if you do just one article you will be included on the next payday.And don't forget to inform me if they will pay you, alrighty?hehehe. Thanks.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bantayan Island

I live in the Philippines and yet I still have lots of places to explore here. There are so many beautiful places here that are worth everyone’s visit. Just like Bantayan Island, a little Paradise in Cebu. The place is not crowded and not too commercialized and is perfect for people who want to have a peace and quiet vacation. Life here is more relaxed and slower, the local people who live here are very warmth and friendly, they live a very simple and yet happy life in a bamboo or coco wood houses. You can see blue skies, clean air, turquoise water and white sand beaches, you can even witness beautiful sunrise and sunset. If you are looking for a more relaxed and peaceful vacation destination, Bantayan Island should be on your list.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Now that rainy season is here, the most common disease now is diarrhea. This is the condition of having three or more loose or liquid bowel movements. If not treated well it may cause dehydration and can even cause death especially to the babies. Diarrhea can be cause by viral infections, food intolerances, parasites, intestinal diseases and the most common is bacterial infections that can be due to consumption of contaminated food or water. Common culprits include Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, and Escherichia coli (E. coli). Hospitalization is not needed since diarrhea home remedies can be enough to treat this disease. Drinking lots of water and intake of fruits can help cure diarrhea.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Microworkers 2nd payment

Here's my second payment from Microworkers. I got it last August 26 and as of now, my balance at my account is half of the minimum payment again.

If you are not yet a member of Microworkers, now is the best time to join.Why? Because there are currently 100 plus jobs running in the system. If you have a blog with at least PR 1, they have lots of tasks for you. Blogs with own domain and higher PR have more tasks too. Range of payments for blog posts of 50 words or blogroll links ranges from $1.60 - $0.40.

If you don't have a blog or you are still waiting for your page rank, you can still do other tasks like posting in forums, about one to three posts only, posting comments in other blogs, signing up in a site, creating a new account at youtube or gmail, or task at yahoo answers. It's your choice on what microjobs you would like to accept.

Tasked are reviewed within seven days but other employers check your tasks in less than three days. Don't miss your chance to earn more now. Join Microworkers now and get $1.00 as sign up bonus.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top Dropper for August

Top Dropper for August 

Thank you very much!!
Top 1 dropper will receive a one month ad space on my sidebar

Sorry Guys

Sorry for not being around lately.
My ever reliable internet connection is the reason.
I should have posted the announcement last week but the connection is soooo slowwwww... hehe
This will be quick while my internet is good.

Contest is Extended until 10.10.10 
 nice number right? hehe
comments to my blogs will be counted until that date.
comments to my major sponsors will be counted until 09.30.10

So still have plenty of time to join and plenty of time to refer your friends. Oh please click the badge below and join my contest. 

Thank you. :)

wait... want to gain instant 50 points? Guess what my internet service provider. I don't know if I mentioned it already on my blogs, but you can research and give your guesses. I hope everybody knows that I live in the Philippines. First one to guess will receive 50 points. Second and third will receive 20 points each. Good luck. ^_^


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