Saturday, September 11, 2010

Microworkers 2nd payment

Here's my second payment from Microworkers. I got it last August 26 and as of now, my balance at my account is half of the minimum payment again.

If you are not yet a member of Microworkers, now is the best time to join.Why? Because there are currently 100 plus jobs running in the system. If you have a blog with at least PR 1, they have lots of tasks for you. Blogs with own domain and higher PR have more tasks too. Range of payments for blog posts of 50 words or blogroll links ranges from $1.60 - $0.40.

If you don't have a blog or you are still waiting for your page rank, you can still do other tasks like posting in forums, about one to three posts only, posting comments in other blogs, signing up in a site, creating a new account at youtube or gmail, or task at yahoo answers. It's your choice on what microjobs you would like to accept.

Tasked are reviewed within seven days but other employers check your tasks in less than three days. Don't miss your chance to earn more now. Join Microworkers now and get $1.00 as sign up bonus.


  1. I am a member of Microworkers but not that active...too lazy to do the task...This proof of payment is a sure inspiration to me to try to be active again...:-)

  2. congrats on your payment, red . . .

    matagal na rin akong di nakakadalaw sa microworkers; i will check out the site later . .

    have a great weekend !

  3. i am a member already :D pero di pa ako na cash out :D

  4. paano kaya ako makaka earn ng marami dito ahahah

  5. This sounds like a good deal! I would tell my friends about Microworkers. Thanks for sharing (and for the visit!).

  6. wow congrats red im member of microworkers but not active maybe i should take a look again with my accounts, btw im joining your contest need k n lang ipost yn memorable experience k maybe tomorrow, congrats again

  7. thats fantastic news for you, :D keep up the good work.

  8. brain so many things to think of can't blog much. lol

  9. so much to do in life, wonder how we can make auto money. lol


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