Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Facebook?

I do!! I've been addicted to facebook ever since I joined that social networking site last year. Now, I saw a really cool site like facebook that will PAY YOU for your activities like uploading photos or videos, comments on photos or videos, updating your status, posting in forums, and a whole lot more.

The FAQ of the site gives you three ways to earn:
Referral marketing:
1.You invite people to join MyAllFriends.Invite people to MyAllFriends. They will be registered into your marketing tree.
You can use our Facebook Share on Main page or Invite Page to quickly invite lots of people.
Make an effort and invite lots of people to MyAllFriends.
The more people you invite, the more money they will produce for you.Webmasters or blog owners can earn more money by referral system,
we have provided links ads and also banner ads for them, check webmaster section for detail Adding

2.You can earn money through content?
Users that create or upload content, such as photos, Videos, Blogs, Groups, Ask & Answers, Forum posts and Games, on MyAllFriends receive different rated cents whenever content is uploaded.

Contests & Luck draws:
3.Every Month, A lucky draw is held and all active members are included in it, winners will be announced.
There are different prizes including Cash, Premium membership, gifts, coupons and much more prizes.
Contests are also held on website for High scorer in Specific games and best video and best pictures

I just registered to this site today and I am enjoying it so much. I will update you as soon as I receive my first payment.Minimum payment is $5 through paypal, you can see some proof in the forum. So what are you waiting for? Start earning now and Join My All Friends today.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Contest points

So the 5 winners of the random $3 are zh3en2, sherry, rossel, seth, and nicquee. Congrats to all of you.
I have finished the counting of the points but I will announce the winner later, I still need to check the points of the first and second highest pointer because the points are so close to each other. I would just like to make sure that everything was counted. I will show you the points of everyone who was able to reach 200 points with their corresponding number of raffle points which will be used for the drawing of raffle prizes winners but take note the winner in the blog post will not be eligible for the raffle draw.  I have covered the name of the top three highest pointer, but I know you know who you are. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Payment from Venture Surf

I joined a manual surf site named VentureSurf and invest $6 last November 11. I surf 11 ads immediately with 11 seconds timer. After that my cash balance would have $0.66. After two days, I withdrew $1.32 and instantly it was on my alertpay account. I got two payments already, which you can view below.

After 11 days, my $6 will earn $1.26, that's 21% income. Its better than letting my money sit on Alertpay, gaining nothing. Of course, the more money you invest the more you earn. If you invest $10, you can withdraw your money everyday because you will be getting $1.1 everyday that you surf. Aside from that, I also get advertising credits so I can use it in promoting my affiliate links or my blog.

So, Do you have a spare $6 or even $10 on your alertpay account? Are they just sitting there earning no interest? Do you want to invest it for 11 days and get 11% of your money everyday, just like I did? Then, join VentureSurf today and start earning money.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Random winners

Hello guys!!
I am really sorry for the delay of the announcement of winners.
But I want you to know that I am working on the results.
To start with, I will give you the 5 winners of $3, for those who shared and spread the word about my contest.

I only have 23 blog post about the contest and here's your raffle numbers:

Selected the winners through

So, if your number was picked, kindly fill up this form.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Instant payment from Osmanlibux

From the site
We offer all features of today's PTC technology, including instant purchase processing and referral renting. Our payout minimum is at $0.02.

• Earn $0.0060 per click
• Earn $0.0020 per referral click

To try it out, I joined today, clicked 5 ads, earned $0.03, requested for a cashout and I received it instantly.

I know it's small, but the important thing is they paid me instantly. You can join too! Just click the banner below:

Friday, November 5, 2010

Scam Alert: Unite Trade(HYIP)

Just a quick post about Unite Trade. I have received two payments from this site already but lately their site is inaccessible. HYIP monitoring sites already tagged them as Scam. Good thing I wasn't able to deposit money to their site this week. Just earned $2 from their site for two weeks.


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