Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Facebook?

I do!! I've been addicted to facebook ever since I joined that social networking site last year. Now, I saw a really cool site like facebook that will PAY YOU for your activities like uploading photos or videos, comments on photos or videos, updating your status, posting in forums, and a whole lot more.

The FAQ of the site gives you three ways to earn:
Referral marketing:
1.You invite people to join MyAllFriends.Invite people to MyAllFriends. They will be registered into your marketing tree.
You can use our Facebook Share on Main page or Invite Page to quickly invite lots of people.
Make an effort and invite lots of people to MyAllFriends.
The more people you invite, the more money they will produce for you.Webmasters or blog owners can earn more money by referral system,
we have provided links ads and also banner ads for them, check webmaster section for detail Adding

2.You can earn money through content?
Users that create or upload content, such as photos, Videos, Blogs, Groups, Ask & Answers, Forum posts and Games, on MyAllFriends receive different rated cents whenever content is uploaded.

Contests & Luck draws:
3.Every Month, A lucky draw is held and all active members are included in it, winners will be announced.
There are different prizes including Cash, Premium membership, gifts, coupons and much more prizes.
Contests are also held on website for High scorer in Specific games and best video and best pictures

I just registered to this site today and I am enjoying it so much. I will update you as soon as I receive my first payment.Minimum payment is $5 through paypal, you can see some proof in the forum. So what are you waiting for? Start earning now and Join My All Friends today.


  1. thanks for sharing sis! join din ako dito.. :)

  2. I just found an excellent opp. today, very simple. It's in pre-launch so it's a key time to get involved. Looks fun. Here's my link if you'd like to join what's called 'my village' then you can post to your viewers.

  3. seems a way tooo easy way to earn some money...but i'll give it a shot!
    keep us informed about your earnings

  4. It is possible to make a living working at home but it takes dedication and actual work and a know how.

  5. I have heard of my all friends but I never heard of anybody making any real money with it. I will check it out but I'm looking forward to your update on when you receive your payment. Thanks for the links to the site.

  6. I use facebook just for enjoyment, I didn't except it generates revenue too, I didn't ever read FAQs may be thats why, but from now on I will try it, thanks for sharing mens tie , sms gateway

  7. refer you to join


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