Thursday, November 18, 2010

Contest points

So the 5 winners of the random $3 are zh3en2, sherry, rossel, seth, and nicquee. Congrats to all of you.
I have finished the counting of the points but I will announce the winner later, I still need to check the points of the first and second highest pointer because the points are so close to each other. I would just like to make sure that everything was counted. I will show you the points of everyone who was able to reach 200 points with their corresponding number of raffle points which will be used for the drawing of raffle prizes winners but take note the winner in the blog post will not be eligible for the raffle draw.  I have covered the name of the top three highest pointer, but I know you know who you are. :)


  1. sis ung blog list sa food and appetite andun sa luckyzoan ko. ung iba ba kailangan?d ko na mkita eh hahahah

  2. Wee, just by sharing about the contest may $3 na ako, thanks Red!


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