Monday, December 27, 2010

InstaCashPlus Proof

Here is another program that paid me in the past 5 days.
The Plan is you need to upgrade your account for $5 and it is good for 7 days.
Surf 20 sites a day for 6 days and you will earn $0.25 each day.
You will earn a total of $1.5 in six days.
You can withdraw the principal on the seventh day.

I only earned for 5 days because I wasn't able to surf for a day but it's fine because I was able to receive $0.55 on my second day because of a referral commission.

If you want to try your luck at InstaCash Plus, just click here to register.
Accepts Liberty Reserve and they pay instantly.

Investing at this kind of site may include risk. Just invest the money you are ready to lose, but in my case, I was able to earn. My Liberty Balance of $5.06 became $6.45 in a matter of 7 days. Good luck

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scam Alert: Osmanlibux

I was able to get an instant payment of few cents at Osmanlibux. I hope you guys also got your first payment from that site. I got several referral and I click ads from time to time, when I remember I have to click. :D The second time I requested to cashout, it gave a message that I need to reach a minimum clicks before the cash out, which I think is fine because some PTC apply that rule too. After I reach the minimum click, I requested again for cash out, it gave another message, I can't remember what. The third time I requested for cash out, the message was I can request cash out based on my investment. I don't trust the site so I don't want to investment anything, good enough because I can't access the site since Sunday.
Bottom line is Osmanlibux is SCAM.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buzz on Forums

Do you like forums as much as I like it? I have been a member of different forums from local to international forums. I like sharing my views and opinion on different topics as well as reading other members’ ideas. Looking for new and hot forum topics is easier now with the help of, it provides different forum topics from top forums in the internet. Just choose the forum topic you like, view the first post and decide if you want to go to the main forum page. It’s a good site to find new forum you can join to gain more information on a topic or even gain new friends.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Congratulations to....

The blog post winners

Georyl  - 1st prize
Lisa - 2nd prize
Levy - 3rd prize
Zoan - 4th prize
Pehpot - 5th prize

Enter the necessary details in this form so I can send you the prizes

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review Me: 1st & 2nd payment

I joined Reviewme two months ago. I receive my first offer on my first month and another offer on the second month. They pay on the first day of the following day. For examples, all offers you made for the month of November will be paid on December 1 through paypal. Here's the my proof to first and second payment:

ReviewMe is beneficial to both bloggers and advertisers. As a blogger, you can choose what categories your blog belongs and after that you can wait for advertisers to pick you to review their products. As an advertiser, you can select what type of blog you want to do a review for you. Bloggers will review your product and bring your site traffic, viral buzz and invaluable feedback.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Raffle prizes winners

I used to randomize the participants raffle number. Here it is, take note of your raffle numbers.

I also used to randomize the raffle prizes and the corresponding winners for the prizes.

And the lucky numbers are as follow, your prizes is according to the sequence of the prize. So lucky number 3 wins $5 cash, lucky number 24 wins 200 ec credits and so on. Check out your raffle number and see if you win some prizes.

Are you one of the lucky winners? Click here to give me your details so I can send the prizes.

Congratulations to the Winners.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the other winners. Sorry for the super delay and thank you for being so patient.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

November Top Droppers

Living and Wellness
water in my tank
Angels Over Claddagh
What's Cookin' With Molly
Aeolus Research
Business Blog
Frugality is the New Reality
Kiwi Interactif
Home Improvement and Furniture Blogs
Gaming Just for Fun

Top Dropper will have one month ad space on my sidebar.
Thank you for visiting and dropping at my blog. See you again next month

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blog Post Winner

I already have my winners for the blog post entries but I made a little adjustment on the prizes. Originally, I only have three winners for the blog post, but me and my friends are really having a hard time choosing the best three among the top five pick. So, I decided to make the top five winners. The 2 - $10 raffle prizes will be moved to blog post prizes. So, here are the blog post prizes and a peek to the winners.:)

  • 1st prize
    • $50 cash thru paypal
    • One month Adgitize coupon worth $14
    • one month ad space
  • 2nd prize
    • $20 cash thru paypal
    • Make up goodies
  • 3rd prize
    • $10 cash thru paypal
    • one month ad space
  • 4th and 5th prize
    • $10 cash thru paypal
  I will announce the winners later...
In the meantime, here are the prizes for the raffle draw. Blog post and points winners will no longer be eligible to win in the raffle draw
  • One month adgitize coupon worth $14
  • 4 - $5 cash thru paypal
  • 5000 ec credits
  • 2000 ec credits
  • 3 - 1000 ec credits
Here's are the number of raffle entries per participants

Rosette  10
Rochelle Ann  10
Shi Min 7
Mona Liza 5
Jennifer(zh3en22) 4
Fe 3
Frances Nicole  2
Karina 2
Christine Amador 2
Mys 2
Rosalie 2
elai 2
Rache 2
Vernz 2
kenneth 1
Ryan 1
Kayce 1
yuuki 1
Tan Pei Yun 1
Joanne Marie 1
Cornelio 1
Venus 1
ellen joy 1
lorena 1
Karen C 1
niko 1
John Karl 1
Fedhz 1
clarriza 1


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