Monday, December 27, 2010

InstaCashPlus Proof

Here is another program that paid me in the past 5 days.
The Plan is you need to upgrade your account for $5 and it is good for 7 days.
Surf 20 sites a day for 6 days and you will earn $0.25 each day.
You will earn a total of $1.5 in six days.
You can withdraw the principal on the seventh day.

I only earned for 5 days because I wasn't able to surf for a day but it's fine because I was able to receive $0.55 on my second day because of a referral commission.

If you want to try your luck at InstaCash Plus, just click here to register.
Accepts Liberty Reserve and they pay instantly.

Investing at this kind of site may include risk. Just invest the money you are ready to lose, but in my case, I was able to earn. My Liberty Balance of $5.06 became $6.45 in a matter of 7 days. Good luck


  1. I always learn a new way to make a little extra money when I come to your site. Thanks for the recommendation, I will definitely give InstaCash Plus a try and see how it goes. And please keep letting me know about these great programs. Thanks.

  2. Thanks to share this money making idea's , every time when i visit your blog i learn a new way to make money from home as a part time job. and its quite useful for me . Thanks again

  3. Earning from blogging is indeed difficult because lots of competitors are emerging on the web. Somehow, there are still bloggers out there who earned pretty well. Nice sharing on how to make money online. It will encourage those bloggers who are struggling to earn a living from blogging.


  4. This is the first time I've heard about earning money online. Maybe I should try this one. Been that bad to earn money through blogging.

    Just followed your blog.


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