Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buzz on Forums

Do you like forums as much as I like it? I have been a member of different forums from local to international forums. I like sharing my views and opinion on different topics as well as reading other members’ ideas. Looking for new and hot forum topics is easier now with the help of forumbuzzr.com, it provides different forum topics from top forums in the internet. Just choose the forum topic you like, view the first post and decide if you want to go to the main forum page. It’s a good site to find new forum you can join to gain more information on a topic or even gain new friends.


  1. Forum...hmm..because this why I met red..red is one of the 1st online buddy i had..from Yehey and banidad time..those were the days..mga kaadiks..hehehe..i actually join mylot because of red too..lahat ng pinapa-click ni red..tina-try ko yan..

    Dati I wont believe pa na you can earn online..now i know na because of red's testimony..

  2. I just checked out forumbuzzr.com and it looks like a great site. I love joining forums but it can be hard to find forums that are actually interesting and have good threads. The updates of the latest forum posting is pretty awesome. Thanks, I will be using this site in the future.


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