Thursday, January 28, 2010

HYIP: Refmotor update and mini-LR giveaway

As I posted last January 14, about refmotor. I deposited, $10 to this HYIP program hoping to be paid of 8% daily. And True enough, I am receiving 8% of the $10 I invested. Plus some other bonus. They have a daily bonus that ranges from $0.02 - $0.04 and also the voting bonus of up to $0.50 daily. Though, most of the times, I forget to vote. I think I just voted three times since January 14. Anyway, 15 days later, I am already in profit. My total withdrawal is $14.70 less the liberty reserve (LR) fee of $0.18. My total income for this HYIP is $4.52 already, almost 50% of my initial investment already. This HYIP rocks!

I know some of you want to try investing in some HYIP, but just don't have the money at Liberty reserve since this is not a common e-currency account.

Now, I am thinking of a giveaway. I will give $5, $3, $2 to three lucky bloggers. But this is a Liberty Reserve e-Currency and will be used to invest for Refmotor (as of now, I am recommending this HYIP).  I am wondering how many of you would be interested to join this contest.

If you are thinking on how to exchange the money from LR, don't worry, there is which process this transaction with some minimal fee..

Just leave a comment, so I will know if I will pursue this mini giveaway or not.

Have fun everyone!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paypal Wishlist Payment

Remember Paypal's Wishlist on Facebook? I blogged about it sometime in November, and I invited my friends to create their own paypal Wishlist. And today, I got paid already:

Thank you to all people who created their wish list using my referral link. You know who you are, and don't forget to check your Paypal account for your own payment.

Friday, January 15, 2010

HYIP RefMotor: Another Payment

I invested $10 of RefMotor the other day, and I blogged about it here. And in a matter of two days, I was able to withdraw twice. And here's my second Payment from RefMotor.

They still have 6% bonus for every new investment that a member will make.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

RefMotor Quick Update

Since, I already have a balance, I decided to try to withdraw it today.

The payment was instant, in just seconds I was able to receive the money in my Liberty Reserve account.

I invested $10 yesterday, and today I receive $0.63 from the bonus yesterday. I am expecting another amount later.

Click here to Join.


I am going to try my luck again on HYIP. This site is called RefMotor. The site is being monitored by different HYIP monitoring sites for more than 100 days now. I was encourage to join this site because a friend of mine have been receiving payment since last year. Here's a payment proof . Latest payment was just today.

Anyway, I invested $10 already, and hoping to receive 8% daily.
RefMotor Admin, wants to be the best HYIP for 2010, as stated in their email:
we want to be the best hyip of 2010 then it is good time for earning with us..
how can you earn with us?
1:we pay all accounts free bonus and you can withdraw it instantly
2:for all of the new investment for to day we pay 5% cash bonus(only today)

True to their word, I received, $0.03 yesterday, just after a few minutes I deposited my investment, and when I checked today, I got another bonus, here's my account history:

I will withdraw it later, and keep you posted.

The cash bonus, as stated in their email, is valid only for January 13. So, you still have time to grab the bonus.
They Accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money e-currencies. So, if you want to invest some of your money, just click here and start earning!

oh, lastly, they also give bonus when you vote for them in different HYIP monitoring sites.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are you one of them?

Math is one of the most hated subject in school. But luckily, I am not one of those students who hated math. :D  I remember back in school, my classmates would ask me to teach them some lessons they weren't able to understand. I would gladly assist them. Now, I can see how my brothers struggle from their math subjects including Algebra.

That's why when I stumbled on this great site, I decided to share it to them. This site called Algebra-Cheat is a great math site for students struggling in Algebra. They have an Algebra software or simply Algebrator. It can solve algebraic expressions, factoring and expanding expressions, finding LCM and GCF, operations with complex numbers, arithmetic, basic geometry and trigonometry and other pre-algebra topics.

This is not just an easy solutions to the student's algebra problems and homework, because you can ask for the explanation for the steps on how to solve the problems. Students can understand fully how to arrive in the right answer. This is just great.

So, if you are one of those students, or know some students who are having a hard time with Math, I recommend this site, so you can better understand Math and realize in the end, that it's not that difficult at all.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Update on my Online Earnings

I wasn't able to do my online earning programs ever since we transferred to a new house. I still don't have internet connection now. I was telling my husband last Sunday that I really need to have internet connection soon or else my accounts from different sites would be suspended or worse deleted because of being inactive. True enough, last Monday, I received an email from Pinoy Clicks that they will delete inactive account. So, I decided to log in and click ads. I also opened the most trusted PTC around, Neobux, and there it is, a notification that my account is suspended. I immediately send a support ticket so they will reactivate my account, I was thinking of my referrals, I have 6 active. hahaha. After 24 hours, I can click again! Good thing my other account are still active and I still have balances and just waiting to be cashed out:

Palmbux - 5.86
Clicksia - 2.74
Incentria - 1.11
HKBuzz - 2.082
Mylot - 6.17
Morachat - 5.39

Another good news is, I received an unexpected payment from content current last Tuesday. It's just a small amount, but I'm happy.  I'll be back in my online earning this year.

But a bad news is, just as I am typing this entry, I logged in to my account, and there it is I am banned. :(
Anyway, I can start all over again, when I have my net at home.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maver's Birthday Blowout

As I was doing my adgitizing, I stumbled on Liz's post about Maver's Birthday Blowout. I got interested so I decided to join. This is the first contest I am joining this 2010. Maver will be celebrating her 36th birthday on January 12. That's why the lucky winner will be 36th participant as determined by

It's Easy to Join:

1) Write about this birthday blowout.
2) Leave a comment at Birthday Blowout post with your link to your post. Don't forget to indicate your preferred Starbucks Planner design!
3) Deadline for submission of entries is on January 12, 2009 at 12:00 a.m.

Let's make Maver feel special on her special day by giving her the warmest birthday greeting and by joining her contest.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Blessings for ALL this 2010

Myspace Graphics

Happy New Year Everyone! 2009 have come to an end now and I am glad to know all of you in this blogging world. You know who you are, friends. Thank you for being part of my 2009, for supporting me and my sites: Earn Money Online with Red and Simple Pero Rock.

I wish everyone to have a prosperous 2010. I wish good health, love, happiness and more earnings to come to all of us.

I myself would like to get bac to my online earning activities. I have lie lowed for almost two months now because I got so hooked with some of the facebook applications. I hope that I can manage my time well this year to balance my activities online and offline.

Anyway, to start the new year, I have place Mclinky below, enter your link and blog name, and I will also place your link on my blog roll. Now, it's up to you if you want to place my links on your sites. ^_^.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Again, Happy New Year everyone!


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