Thursday, January 14, 2010


I am going to try my luck again on HYIP. This site is called RefMotor. The site is being monitored by different HYIP monitoring sites for more than 100 days now. I was encourage to join this site because a friend of mine have been receiving payment since last year. Here's a payment proof . Latest payment was just today.

Anyway, I invested $10 already, and hoping to receive 8% daily.
RefMotor Admin, wants to be the best HYIP for 2010, as stated in their email:
we want to be the best hyip of 2010 then it is good time for earning with us..
how can you earn with us?
1:we pay all accounts free bonus and you can withdraw it instantly
2:for all of the new investment for to day we pay 5% cash bonus(only today)

True to their word, I received, $0.03 yesterday, just after a few minutes I deposited my investment, and when I checked today, I got another bonus, here's my account history:

I will withdraw it later, and keep you posted.

The cash bonus, as stated in their email, is valid only for January 13. So, you still have time to grab the bonus.
They Accept Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money e-currencies. So, if you want to invest some of your money, just click here and start earning!

oh, lastly, they also give bonus when you vote for them in different HYIP monitoring sites.


  1. i want to join this sites you know, but i have some problems wiht my paypal account :(

  2. is it they pay you using paypal?

  3. another payment? wow, i really want to join this site na.

  4. looks good that it is worth trying


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