Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Update on my Online Earnings

I wasn't able to do my online earning programs ever since we transferred to a new house. I still don't have internet connection now. I was telling my husband last Sunday that I really need to have internet connection soon or else my accounts from different sites would be suspended or worse deleted because of being inactive. True enough, last Monday, I received an email from Pinoy Clicks that they will delete inactive account. So, I decided to log in and click ads. I also opened the most trusted PTC around, Neobux, and there it is, a notification that my account is suspended. I immediately send a support ticket so they will reactivate my account, I was thinking of my referrals, I have 6 active. hahaha. After 24 hours, I can click again! Good thing my other account are still active and I still have balances and just waiting to be cashed out:

Palmbux - 5.86
Clicksia - 2.74
Incentria - 1.11
HKBuzz - 2.082
Mylot - 6.17
Morachat - 5.39

Another good news is, I received an unexpected payment from content current last Tuesday. It's just a small amount, but I'm happy.  I'll be back in my online earning this year.

But a bad news is, just as I am typing this entry, I logged in to my account, and there it is I am banned. :(
Anyway, I can start all over again, when I have my net at home.


  1. congrats red! for sure tuloy-tuloy na yan...

  2. bakit ganon sa,nag request ako ng pay out, $9 pa man din,tagal na, hanggang ngayon wala pa. neobux lang talaga ang reliable.

  3. hi..........
    is my first time to visit here, wow ur site is good, and greats articles too. can we make a friends with dropper ec, maybe someday i'll find something to make me rich about knowledge. thanks

    is u have a time, can you comment to in my post or articles in my blog?, i hope u can visit me too my friends.

  4. wow, galing naman... ako ang liit pa ng earning ko sa mylot, kasi naman ang hina ng net, nahihirapan mg load ang pc ko :D

  5. nice list there but I am not earning from there :(

  6. i really admire u from ur hard work sis, imagine work kana sa offline world, may time ka pa sa online.

  7. yeah sis I think you are great in earning online


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