Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are you one of them?

Math is one of the most hated subject in school. But luckily, I am not one of those students who hated math. :D  I remember back in school, my classmates would ask me to teach them some lessons they weren't able to understand. I would gladly assist them. Now, I can see how my brothers struggle from their math subjects including Algebra.

That's why when I stumbled on this great site, I decided to share it to them. This site called Algebra-Cheat is a great math site for students struggling in Algebra. They have an Algebra software or simply Algebrator. It can solve algebraic expressions, factoring and expanding expressions, finding LCM and GCF, operations with complex numbers, arithmetic, basic geometry and trigonometry and other pre-algebra topics.

This is not just an easy solutions to the student's algebra problems and homework, because you can ask for the explanation for the steps on how to solve the problems. Students can understand fully how to arrive in the right answer. This is just great.

So, if you are one of those students, or know some students who are having a hard time with Math, I recommend this site, so you can better understand Math and realize in the end, that it's not that difficult at all.


  1. i love math, but i almost fail my algebra during college and i don't know why.. maybe because i was so relax back then thinking i am the best in problem solving :D

  2. I dont like math is my worst subject

  3. i am not good in math, i wish i am.


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