Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goodbye $5. ^_^

Last Tuesday, I invested in a new HYIP called grow-fast and I blogged about it here. I requested yesterday for the payment of $5.50 since it has an interest of 10% for one day but unfortunately until now I haven't received the payment. I checked some HYIP monitoring sites and realized that there are a few members that have been waiting for the payment. Oh I guess, this new site is a SCAM now. too bad for me. hahah goodbye $5.

It's alright as I always said, Just invest the money, you afford to loose.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

HYIP: Grow-Fast

Here I am again, gambling on HYIP. I invested $5 on Grow-fast is a private investment group operating on the world securities and currencies markets since 2001. Having started as a small investment group operating only on the New york stock market, we have gradually expanded our investment activities on all major financial markets of the world. most of our teammates are professional bankers and traders, and some of them have good years of business and financial related experience.

I am expecting an interest of 10% after One day. It only accepts Liberty Reserve e-currencies.

So, act now, while the site is new! Just click here if you want to join.
I'll update you if I receive payments tomorrow.

as always, I remind you, Just invest the money, you afford to loose. 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bloguardian Hellsite Overcashed's First Contest

Liz of Bloguardian Hellsite Overcashed is celebrating her Birthday on January and as early as now, she is celebrating it with a big Contest Bash.

Everybody is invited to join and celebrate Liz's birthday by clicking the image below and to see the other details about the contest:

Huge Prizes are as follows:

First Prize: $50
$25 -
$5 -
$5 -
$5 -
$5 - MommaWannabe
$5 -
Customized Products Worth $60 from: Alex of
Special Gift from: Pinkville
Blog Review from:

(Optional Prizes: If the winner opt to give these to other winners, that would be fine.)
New 3-Column Layout from: Blogger Sai
15GB Diskspace hosting:

1-month AD SPACE (125X125) @ the following:

1-month AD SPACE (Text Links) @ the following:
Best Vacation Places
The Pinay Blogger
Mom Writes Stuff

2-month AD SPACE (125X125) @ the following:

3-month AD SPACE (125X125) @ the following:

Entrecard Credits (ECs): 27 000 ECs
3000 EC -
3000 EC -
3000 EC -
2000 EC -
3000 EC -
2000 EC -
5000 EC -
3000 EC -
3000 EC -

Second Prize: $25
$5 -
$5 -
$5 -
$5 - Diva Fabulosa
$5 -

Pair of Earrings from
1-month AD SPACE (125X125) @ the following:

2-month AD SPACE (125X125) @ the following:

Entrecard Credits (ECs): 24 500 ECs
2000 EC -
3500 EC -
5000 EC -
2000 EC -
2000 EC -
2000 EC -
1000 EC -
1000 EC -
2000 EC -
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Third Prize: $20
$5 -
$5 -
$5 - Health and Beauty Diva
$5 -

Pair of Earrings from
1-month AD SPACE (125X125) @ the following:

Entrecard Credits (ECs): 20 500 ECs
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2000 EC -
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Best Reviewer: $25 (Most Points Get it All)
$5 -
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$5 - Blogging Mama
Special Gift from: Pinkville
Blog Review from:

1-month AD SPACE (125X125) @ the following:

Entrecard Credits (ECs): 16 000 ECs
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And a GRAND package from Pinay Mommy Online:
Info Domain + 1YR Hosting - Pinay Mommies Community
2000 EC + 1-month AD SPACE (125X125) per blog:
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SEO Friendly Blog Directory
Online Biz and Resources
A Woman's Blog
Rubz Online
Mommy Emotes
Blessings and Beyond
Friendship and Smiles

What are you waiting for? Join Now!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ToAsset: On hold

I was about to deposit again at ToAsset this morning using my Alertpay account but decided first to check whether the site is still paying. Good thing I checked one of th HYIP monitoring site because there are some members who still have pending payments. I decided to withdraw first $0.89 from Toasset, and yet they paid me. Still, I decided not to deposit another amount because it might turn into scam tomorrow or the next few days. Since I joined there last November 18, I got $4.55 as profit. Not Bad. :)

So, for my referrals,  if you plan to deposit also, hold it first.
I'll update you guys, if this hyip will eventually turn into scam.

Friday, November 20, 2009

HYIP: New Payments

Yesterday, I blogged about ToAsset, a new HYIP wherein I invested a few dollars. After posting my payment proof yesterday, I invested again, and I received another quick payment today. This time I used my alertpay money, and invested $10, and the return was $11.12 in a matter of 24 hours. Here's the proof:

I requested money from my existing HYIP, Cash tanker, and still a quick payment from them. And last Friday, I requested from HYIFund, and I received the payment the next day. Also, from Basebucks, an automatic day to day payment from them.

HYIP is a risk, most of the sites will turn out to be a scam, some of them are already trusted of different monitoring sites. I myself lost some money also from other HYIP.  If you want to join the sites I mentioned, just invest the money you are ready to loose. Be careful in choosing the programs you join, especially these days that Christmas is coming, I heard there are a lot of scammers out there.

Happy weekend everyone!

Have you heard about Paypal's Wishlist?

A friend, invited me to register on Paypal's Wishlist on Facebook. She told me that we can earn from this application just by inviting our friends to register here for free. I am so doubtful about this. But when she mentioned that paypal have an email about this, I checked my own inbox, and I saw an email from paypal also regarding their other promo and this Paypal Wishlist. I decided to join, hoping to get some additional earnings by next year.

here are some details on how to earn:

During the Promotion Period, download the PayPal WishList application on Facebook (“PayPal WishList”), create your own PayPal WishList, and we will pay $1 USD into your PayPal account. In order for us to pay you the amount you earned pursuant to this Promotion, you will need to provide us with your PayPal email address via the PayPal WishList

In addition, share the PayPal WishList with your friends via Facebook, and for each friend who downloads and creates his or her own PayPal WishList from your invitation, we will pay you an additional $1 USD (up to the maximum total sum of $100 USD per PayPal account).

The promo period is from 00:00:01 Singapore Standard Time (“SST”) on November 16th, 2009 and ends at 23:59:59 SST on December 31st, 2009.

I hope you guys will join under me for sharing you the good news, just  CLICK HERE for more details.

And my wishlist are as follows:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

HYIP: ToAssest

ToAssest  is a new HYIP. I deposited $5 yesterday using my Liberty Reserve account. and to day I got paid with $5.51. An interest of $0.51 in just one day. And the payment is instant.

some details:

payouts: 110.25-148% after 1 day!
min deposit: $1
max deposit: $2,000
referral bonus: 5%
:payment processor: Liberty reserve, Alertpay and Perfect Money.

Invest now while it's hot!

New Layout

I joined girlblogger's Layout #3 contest. I like the Red theme aside from the fact that Christmas is fast approaching. Lucky me, I won the contest. heheheh. Thank you girlblogger for being so generous to share your layouts. Also, for giving a header that can be used even if it is not Christmas.

Now, I applied the theme and I really like it. I am just in the process of putting back the widgets.
Red Layout for Redamethyst. hehehe.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5th payment from Content Current

I was just talking to Sam yesterday afternoon about the payment of content current that is taking so long. But when I checked my email last night in a internet cafe, I saw a payment from them. woohoo! This would be my fifth payment, and I have no pending now, I guess I have to start working again. hehehe

Want to win $5000 for your video?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

Guess what? Another contest to join. For those who love to take videos, iLASIK Video Contest is perfect for you.
iLasik procedure is perfect for people who have problems with their eye vision just like me. you can visit their website to see what procedure best fit you. Aside from that Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), a global leader in laser vision correction, wants to know how better vision could improve — or has improved — people’s lives, launched “You Gotta See This” Video Contest. People have already submitted original music videos,  videos on boxing and swimming & videos that just show how their daily lives would improve.

It's easy to join:

1. Participant who like to join the contest must make a video in any of the following categories:
  1. "My contacts are getting in the way of my good time"
  2. "My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision"
  3. "You should see life after the iLASIK Procedure"

2. Tell Friends To Vote
Once users submit a video, their friends can vote on it. Votes are one of the key factors in determining which videos win a prize.

The contest is still open for more entries, so click the image above to submit your entries.

The prizes at stakes are as follows:

$5,000 Grand Prize

First Prize (one in each video category):
HDTV package — a $2,500 value

Second Prize (one in each video category):
The Flip UltraHD™ camcorder — a $199.99 value

So, if you are fond of making videos, don't miss your chance to win this great prizes. Click here iLASIK Video Contest  for more information

SocialSpark Disclosure Badge

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nominee for the Filipino Blog of the Week Award (week 187)

Hi everyone! My Personal Blog, Simple Pero Rock is one of the Nominees for Filipino Blog of the Week Award (week 187). They have been doing this since April 2006. I feel so honored to be one of the nominees for week 187. Thank you so much to "talksmart" for choosing me to be one of the nominees.

The reward? I'll get a free space in Talksmart's site, and of course the happy feeling that my blog is beginning to be noticed in the blogosphere.

So I appeal to you blogger friends, if you have time, Please don't forget to vote for me. Please click here to vote. Just scroll down, and you will see the poll on the side bar. please vote for redismarose. Voting is daily, please don't for get to comeback daily to the site to cast your vote.

Thank you so much in advance!

Friday, November 13, 2009

some payments...

I have not been active with my money making programs. I got hooked with some Facebook games. heheh. And of course, I have no internet connection at home. I just try to log in at my mom's home but my brothers are always bothering me.  anyway, here are some payments proof.

  • From Easyhits4U.

  • From HYIP that continues to pay me. I just requested payment from Cash Tanker few minutes ago, and the payment was instant. My LR funds, are accumulating now. haha. just from the free investments I get from HYIP programs I join.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Social paying Site.

As you know, I am interested in different online money making programs. While I was bloghopping, I came across Kaye of  My Life &; My Journey Online, I got interested in the new social site she posted. I clicked it, and I think the site is good, looks like one of the old programs I joined.

It's like I am just using friendster or facebook but the best part is we will paid.

To Start Earning Activity Points Just go to the forums and introduce yourself. Making a new topic or replying to a post will give you one point. Posting Videos/Blogs/Quizzes/Polls will give you a point as well. Leaving Comments will also give you a point.

So, if you want to check it out, just click it here. You will see payment proofs in their forum, or just click here.
I just joined today, so I don't have my own payment proof.

good luck everyone!

Post Free Classified

You can post your free ads here, just send them your link and badges.  Just place their badge and link in one of your post or on your home page, leave them a comment, and they will include your badge in their site. That easy.

Grab Our Badge

They included my badge in one of their post, without me requesting it. Thank you so much.

Monday, November 9, 2009

my blog at Page rank 2

I started blogging in August this year. To be exact it was August 06 when I posted my first blog.
Wow! It was more than three months ago.
I would browse other blogs from time to time, leave a message on their shoutbox, or some times comment.
Try to post at least one update a day.
I was able to meet new people also...

Anyway, while doing my usual bloghopping, I would notice a page rank widget, I got interested and so I click it, not even knowing what's page rank for. hehehe. anyway, I check my site and yeah I would receive an N/A for a result on my page rank. But early this November, when I checked my page rank, I was happy to see:

Page Rank

I was so happy to see that result. I never thought that I would get a page rank 2. hehehe. I owe this to you, my readers, my visitors, my EC droppers and adgitizers:

I hope you will continue to support my simple blog.

hahaha. EMO!

Friday, November 6, 2009

First Adgitize payment

I joined Adgitize in September 8, 2009. I just joined as Publisher, but click the ads religiously everyday to have 100 points a day. And I try to post an entry on one of my blogs everyday. But of course, I miss some times. Anyway, I was able to accumulate $3.94 for September.

I decided to be an advertiser in October 22 only. I'm glad I did. There was an increase on my traffic and page views. My Alexa rank went up also, from 500,+++ to 300, +++ hahaha.

And I was able to receive payment yesterday. Yipee! I was so happy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October Top Droppers

Okay, I am back, after four days of being busy, and don't have time to use the computer and internet. To start with, here is my list of Top Droppers for October.   I really appreciate the time you spend in visiting my site and dropping EC.

Thank you to All Droppers!

Your one stop destination for everything! Entertainment, music, movies, health, lifestyle, technology updates and everything about me! Live Life!

For my top dropper, Tekkaus, kindly send me your button link, and I'll put your button, on the right side of this page.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do you want to be a GOOGLER?

Pause first with Online earnings. I wanted to share another video about the world's best place to work in.  After seeing the video, I wanted to work at google, but I know it's impossible, maybe in my dreams that will come true. hehehe.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amazing Talents....

Yesterday, while I am at my mother's home. My brother showed me something that is worth sharing.
So, relax, watch and enjoy the video and the music....

This is the Amazing Choir uses there hands to simulate storm

This is one of my favorite song. and Del did a great job.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Want to be an Order Taker in a Call center????


  • Experience in order taking in a fast food chain (McDonalds, Jollibee, KFC, etc.) is an advantage
  • Willing to work in shifting schedule
  • Must have excellent English communication skills
  • Computer literate
Email resume at:

Spread the word, if you know someone who is working or was working in a fast food restaurant who would be interested in this job. Just email the resume at the given email address.

Thank you!

Friday, October 23, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

I am so happy to receive this award from Winchester and Mona I appreciate it alot. Thanks sis!

Now to accept this award here are the rules: Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Now, I pass this award to the following:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Upgraded Membership at earn EasyCash PTC

I upgraded my membership at Earn Easy Cash PTC. It is an Aurora script Paid to click site. At first I was not seriously clicking at that site. It was just on my secondary priority of PTC. But when I checked out their membership upgrades, I saw that there is a $1 Upgraded membership that is good for one month. So, I decided to upgraded. What are my benefits as an upgraded member?
Upon upgrading I received
  • 500 Link Credits
  • 1000 X-Credits 
And every week for the duration of one month I will receive
  • 50 link credits
  • 50 paid to read credits
I have more ads available for clicking and  can request payment anytime, without minimum payment. And so, after upgrading yesterday morning, I immediately requested for a cash out which is $0.15. And when I went home last night, there it is on my paypal account. Here's the proof:

I spent a net of  $0.85 for the upgrade plus the advertising. I think, it's a good deal. Aside from that,  Every 8 ads I surf, I can play and a chance to win advertising credits and cash.

Advertising your website

Advertising is important to people who earn online. They can use this to promote their website or programs that they have joined. There are a lot of advertising prgrams out there, some are for free others you have to pay some amount. But whatever you use, you can still have substantial for your campaign.

I discovered another way of advertising. This is through Text Ad Exchange. You can earn points that can be used for advertising by browsing text and HTML ads, viewing banners, traffic exchange links and PTC links. Browsing solo ads that you receive in your mail will also earn you credits for advertising. What's good about this is that you don't only earn points that you can use for advertising you also earn cash.

Take for example, Global-Adz, upon joining and using their promotional code justjoined you will receive advertising credits, which are 2 banner ads, 2 solo ads and 5 traffic exchange links with 50 views each.
Upon browsing the different ads you will earn points, which can be converted to cash or advertising credits. 1000 points is equivalent to $1, you need 2000 points to cashout because the other 1000 points will be converted to advertising credits.

There are also more benefit and more points earned if you upgrade your membership for just a small price. Try it out and see you traffic increase. Click on the banner if you would like to join.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Good News From Base Bucks

Good news to everyone interested in HYIP.

The promotional offer is back!  yes it's back! If you haven't join Base bucks yet, you can join now and put the promotional code:  onedollar on the registration page when you sign up. And basebucks will give you a welcome package containing a completely free $1.00 investment (on the 10strikes setting). For which you will get paid daily dividends on that investment, paid direct to their liberty reserve account, until they earn 170% back!

So, you registered already, but missed the first promotional offer? Don't worry! There is also $1 investment free for you who missed the first offer, just follow the simple steps.

To collect your free investment you simply need to login to your account!
On your 'Account' page, there is a button that says 'Collect Your $1 Free Investment'

1) Click on that!
2) We will send you an email with a validation code (link). Click on that! Or enter the code.
3) And your $1 investment will appear in your account. And your earnings will begin the following day!
(Once you're earning, check out the to-do page tasks to earn even more money for nothing every day!)

Still in doubt whether the site is paying??? here's my payment proof:

I already collect $0.65 from them, not really big, but it's really for free.Just click the banner to join

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goodbye code

I was having second thoughts on my Paid-to-promote code because my visitors from the targeted countries are being redirected to another site.

Now, I finally decided to remove it because ken of adgitize sent me an email that they cancelled my Preferred Publisher listing because of the same complaint.
I will just install the code in my secondary blog.
but the referral banner will still be there. :D :D
Goodbye PTP.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cloud Crowd Rocks!

Okay, I registered this morning at Cloud Crowd. I should have done it last night, but my computer was getting slow, so I turned it off. That was a big mistake! Because if I registered last night, maybe I have more completed tasks. Anyway, I just completed one task this morning after signing up. the rate for that task was $0.04. I spend about two minutes doing that. And after about 3 - 4 hours,  I was surprised to see a payment in my paypal account.

 Just a small amount but it represents that it is a legitimate site.

Bad news is that there are no available tasks the whole day. hahaha. Hopefully tomorrow there will be lots of available task for all of us who are earning online.

Link can be seen in the post before this. thank you. :D

Get Paid with Facebook

While I was adgitizing register I stumbled on Bambie's of my Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf
Since I am getting addicted with Face Book applications this would be fun for me. I can be paid by enjoying
FB.At CloudCrowd is where work gets done. We bring together people who want to work, and work that     pays.You will be paid by performing simple tasks.You can also get some referrals and it will help you with the earnings. This is up to three level Crowd. Referral rates are as follows:

For Work Performed By Your:
You Receive The Following Commission:
1st Level Personal Crowd (people you directly invite)
10.1% of what they get paid
2nd Level Personal Crowd
3rd Level Personal Crowd

I finished some tasks already, its so easy.
Do you already have a Face book Account? What are you waiting for.? Join Cloud Crowd and be paid!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Locked Out!

 what happened with my twitter account?
I tried opening it today to follow gene, to get points for her contest
but unfortunately here's what I got:

Locked out!!! Too many failed attempts?
I just attempted to log in once this day.
If ever there is someone who tried to log in on my account, I just wonder, what for?


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