Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5th payment from Content Current

I was just talking to Sam yesterday afternoon about the payment of content current that is taking so long. But when I checked my email last night in a internet cafe, I saw a payment from them. woohoo! This would be my fifth payment, and I have no pending now, I guess I have to start working again. hehehe


  1. wow! congratulations. i signed up with them but i can't partake of any opps. :(

    anyway, i just want to ask, are you a member na of scavengercash forum? bago na ulit sya eh. i registered yesterday and i started posting today. konti pa lang ang threads and fun din kasi you can play arcade games and score points. just asking.☺

  2. i joined content current but it always says that they are not accepting form posters anymore...what will i do? :-(

  3. bambie, nope di pa ako member nyan. kamustah naman? paying site ba yan? bigay mo link mo sa akin ha.

  4. yes, madaming proof of payments. i joined yesterday lang kaya i have less than 10 posts plang. i've read the guidelines and it seems easy kasi you need only to reach a certain number of experience points pra i-convert into cash. knowing you, madali mo mari-reach yun kasi masipag ka magpost sa forums.☺

    if you decide to join, eto yun link☺

  5. @seth, sorry to hear that, I guessed they have lots of poster now, but if you can do article writing, maybe you can apply for the writer post. malaki din ang bayad nila dun

    @bambie, I will join that site today. hehehe. kailangan na ulit magsipag

  6. I was doing article writing for a few but the jobs all got nabbed. It's too bad because I was really enjoying writing them. Now there are no openings. :(

  7. meron pa ba to? err... nag try ako, binigyan ako ng sample article. toinks. ang haba, 500 words. wahihi

  8. hi i found u via adgitize, congrats on your earnings =)

  9. content current? What is that

  10. okay pa ba ito ngayon Red? itong content current? invite mo ako, message me sa ym how to join :D

  11. wow first time to hear this, u still earning?


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