Thursday, November 19, 2009

HYIP: ToAssest

ToAssest  is a new HYIP. I deposited $5 yesterday using my Liberty Reserve account. and to day I got paid with $5.51. An interest of $0.51 in just one day. And the payment is instant.

some details:

payouts: 110.25-148% after 1 day!
min deposit: $1
max deposit: $2,000
referral bonus: 5%
:payment processor: Liberty reserve, Alertpay and Perfect Money.

Invest now while it's hot!


  1. hay naku red. i've been wanting to join these HYIP sites that i see you post abut every so often. kaya lang LR ang kailangan. the thing is, yun LR account ko walang laman. lol! kasi PP ang gamit ko talaga. =(

  2. Hi bambie! I can exchange if you want. also, try to join un basebucks, may post ako regarding dun, may free investment sila binibigay. also, un cash tanker, free $1 investment din sila dati, don't know if it is still applicable. try mo lang.
    dito sa toasset pwde AP

  3. hi red! i haven't yet verified yun AP ko eh. i have moneybookers lang and PP. PP kasi tried and tested ko na. your HYIP posts are really interesting.

  4. di pa rin verified ang AP ko. may mga sites din na tumatanggap ng moneybookers. :D :D

  5. oh that's good. i will look into these sites. :)

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  7. hanggang ngayon okay pa ba ito?

  8. wow nice, earning kapaba dito sissy?


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