Friday, November 20, 2009

HYIP: New Payments

Yesterday, I blogged about ToAsset, a new HYIP wherein I invested a few dollars. After posting my payment proof yesterday, I invested again, and I received another quick payment today. This time I used my alertpay money, and invested $10, and the return was $11.12 in a matter of 24 hours. Here's the proof:

I requested money from my existing HYIP, Cash tanker, and still a quick payment from them. And last Friday, I requested from HYIFund, and I received the payment the next day. Also, from Basebucks, an automatic day to day payment from them.

HYIP is a risk, most of the sites will turn out to be a scam, some of them are already trusted of different monitoring sites. I myself lost some money also from other HYIP.  If you want to join the sites I mentioned, just invest the money you are ready to loose. Be careful in choosing the programs you join, especially these days that Christmas is coming, I heard there are a lot of scammers out there.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Good job!

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    Have fun............

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  3. hyip plans are good for short term gains, I think forex trading is better for long term gains and investment. Forex trading is much more secure and less risk is involves as compared to hyip.

  4. Quite true. Dealing with forex could be safer. I would love to learn it the soonest time possible.

    Anyways, red, have you withdrawn your principal investment in cashtanker? Sam paid me two days ago.

  5. Hi Red, taga Midtown kami magkalapit lang pala tayo! Meet tayo nila pehpot sometimes kapitbahay lang kami e.

  6. I think you are good with your money :D

  7. you really earn a lot of money online :D

  8. wow u really know how to make moolah online

  9. keep them coming red :D keep them coming ehehhehe


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