Saturday, July 31, 2010

Join Sam & San's Contest

While waiting for my own contest I decided to join a friend's contest. I know I posted about this on my other blogs but I want to spread the word about Sam and San's Birthday and Blogversary Contest. This is the best I can do to support their contest.

This is a point system and one point is equivalent to one raffle slot.
Here are the ways to earn points:
1. Blog about the contest
2. Put the contest banner on your sidebar
3. Follow Sam and San's blogs
4. Subscribe to their feeds
5. Drop ECs
6. Review their blog and their sponsor's blogs
7. Add their links or badge to your blogroll or badge exchange section/ Adding a sponsor's link/badge will give you points too.

Prizes at stake:
Cash Prizes
1st Prize = $50.00 + ad spaces + .INFO domain with blog hosting (1 year) from Blogger's Nook
2nd Prize = $30.00 + ad spaces
3rd Prize = $20.00 + ad spaces

Top Droppers:
1st Prize = 5000 ECs
2nd Prize = 3000 ECs
3rd Prize = 2000 ECs

Best Blog Review:
1st Prize = .COM domain with blog hosting (1 year) from Caffeinated Muse
2nd Prize = .INFO domain with blog hosting (1 year) from Online Biz and Resources

Sam's Blogs:
The Tsinay Writes
A Mom's Life and Loves
The Blogger Hub
Fabulicious Diva
WAHMy Sammy

My Blogs:
Realm of a Dreamer
Learn and Make Money Online
Events, Contests and Freebies
The Peregrinator
Asian Entertainment Online
Fashion and Beauty Craze
My Food Indulgence
All About Love and Relationships

Here's the list of our sponsors:
Life Can't Wait
Up Now and What's Next
M3O: Make More Money Online
Bloguardian Hellsite: OVERCASHED
Techie Liz
Pinkville: Pink and Magic Convergence Zone
Fortune Sharing
I'm the Man!
It's Not Always About ME
busy reading...
Drama Queen
Scientific Blabber
the food, the place and the bad trips!
Living Life to the Fullest!
Designer's Depot
My Journey to Life
Something to Live By
Journey of a Dreamer
Wonderful World of Peachy
Red is Marose
My Red Hot Reviews
Caffeinated Muse
Blogger's Nook
Online Biz and Resources
Pinay Mommy Online

This contest will run up to August 18, so hurry now and start earning your points. Good Luck.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PTC: Earn Easy Cash

Some time last year, I upgraded my account at Earn Easy Cash, I blog about it here. And now that I am back to earning online because I really need money for our needs, I decided to go back to my list of paying sites. EarnEasyCash is an aurora type PTC that pays.EEC is celebrating its two years anniversary and thus giving away more prizes when you surf. You can now play the game every 6 ads viewed instead of the usual 8. In the game you can win banner credit, surf credit and cash, or all three. Daily activity bonus are doubled too, you can get $0.01 for 50 sites surf or $0.02 for 100 sites surf.

As un upgraded member, I get more than 100 ads daily, 50 links credit weekly, 50 paid to read credits weekly and 500 links credit when I purchased the upgrade for only $2 for two months membership. Not bad, right? I already have $0.60 balance on my account today, I will requesting for payment so I will have some up to date payment proof for this site. Will be posting it as soon as I receive it. In the meantime, you can join Earn Easy Cash to grab the bonuses because it will end on August 1. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Invitation for Cash Sponsors

My anniversary as a blogger is coming on August and as early as now I want to plan for it. When I tried blogging in August 6, 2009(when I made my first post), I didn't expect that I will learn a lot, meet new friends online, experience different things and receive so much blessings.

Though, I still consider myself as a trying hard blogger, it makes me happy to know that somebody is reading my blogs. For one year, I gained visitors, readers and friends and I want to thank all of you for being part of my journey as a blogger.

To celebrate my anniversary as a blogger, I will be hosting a contest. Yes! A CONTEST! I hope to give away BIG prizes with the help of kind bloggers who will be willing to be my cash sponsor.

Here’s what you can get if you decide to become cash sponsor.

Major Cash Sponsor - $30 & above
- 2 months 125x125 ad space on this site (PR3)
- 1 month text link ad at Simple Pero Rock (PR2)
- 50 guaranteed backlinks or more
- Increased number of comments
- Blog reviews with three backlinks each
- Top up points if you join the contest

Minor Cash Sponsor

$15 & more
- 1 months 125x125 ad space on this site (PR3)
- 50 guaranteed backlinks or more
- Blog reviews with two backlinks each
- Top up points if you join the contest

$5 & more
- 50 guaranteed backlinks or more
- Blog reviews with one backlink each
- Top up points if you join the contest

***Blog make over package; Domain and hosting packages are welcome too.

I know some of you will ask if I will accept other forms of sponsorship, my answer would be, Yes, I am accepting other forms of sponsorship and you can comment here.

Please leave a comment for your pledges with your contact email, or you can email me at

Deadline of sponsorship is on July 20, sending of pledges will be until July 30. I'll be giving you my paypal address once you post your pledges


Monday, July 19, 2010

MyLikes Payment Proof

Been a member of mylikes several months back. I don't know how it works at first until I saw blogs showing proof that they have been paid by the site. I became active and so I got paid last Friday:

How does it work:
1. Of course, you should have an account, just click the banner above to join
2. Connect your twitter account to mylikes
3. Become an Influencer by creating sponsored likes for advertisers/ sponsor
  • You can post it on twitter
  • You can post it at Facebook
  • You can post it on your blog
4. You get paid per click. Once you accumulate $2.00 in your account you will be paid on a Friday.

That easy! Check it out now. For questions just leave a comment and I will try my best to answer it. :)

Contest Sponsors Wave 3 plus non-cash sponsorship

I posted about the first batch of sponsors here and the second batch of sponsors here. Gave them some linky love after giving there intent on being my sponsor. Another week has passed, still some bloggers showed their generosity. Here are the third batch of sponsors.

Once again, Thank you so much. Please email me at so I can give you my paypal ID.

I am now accepting sponsorships other than cash, it can be EC credits, ad space, make up goodies or just about anything that you want to give away for my contest. You can get back links and back links from contest participants.To start with, Clarissa of Kizuna, Ties and Bonds of Love will be one of the non-cash sponsors. She promised to sponsor make up goodies, I still need to talk to her on how it will be given. Also, Deej Speaks is also willing to be a sponsor. hahaha.

Anyway, sponsorship will end on July 25. Thanks in advance

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Microworkers payment proof

I blog about receiving my pin from Microworkers last June 5. You can see it here. I immediately requested for the payment and I got it after two days.

At Microworkers, you can Browse micro jobs, Select jobs you like, finish your tasks & submit proofs, Earn money plus $1.00 Sign up bonus. Join now.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Make Money Online Training

Evvery body wants to have additional income. Many don't realize that the Web is a good way to find extra money.. I'm sure you too want to know how to have Money Online.

Grab your free Make Money Online Training! It's so simple - sign up - activate your account - download your ebooks & bonus materials!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sizzling Hot Summer Promo 2010

While waiting for my contest, how about joining a sizzling hot summer promo?

3 winners will win $50
$1 will be given for every PR2 blogs you refer
Giveaway will end on August 23, announcement of winners will be on August 31

Simple steps to follow.
1. Make sure your blog is PR 1 or higher
2. You have your own paypal account
3. Grab the code here and place it on your sidebar
4. Fill up the form you can find here.
5. put my name: REDAMETHYST on the referrer portion. Thank you!

You can also click here for more details.

Monday, July 5, 2010

My Pin is here! yipee!

Yup, I have been waiting for my Microworkers pin so that I can withdraw my earnings here. It took me a long time to reach minimum payment because I don't actively do jobs here but I didn't expect that I have to wait long again to be able to withdraw my first ever payment. When I clicked the withdraw button at Microworkers' site it informed me that they will mail me my pin number to be used for the withdrawal. I requested at the end of April, and they told me that the pin was mailed last May 4. And after two long months, I finally got my pin:

Honestly, I was getting depressed with the site because I have been waiting for more than a month already and still I got no mail. I even sent a support message already. I was actually planning on paying $2 so that they will send me a mail again. Good thing I waited. :D :D. I immediately requested for my first payment, and we'll see how long will I wait again. But I am inspired to do more tasks again because I already have a balance of $7.44 just a few dollars away from the minimum payment. yipee.... Thanks Microworkers!

Money Matters

Money is very important in our daily lives. We use this to pay or buy our necessities. People work hard everyday to get a full pay on their payday. As much as possible we want to budget our salary very well so that our money will be enough until the next payday. But there will be uncontrolled circumstances that we will need extra money and would end in needing some cash advances. Nowadays, companies offer different programs to help their employees when it comes to money matters.

My friend’s company have what they call “coop.” In this program, members would contribute something every payday. This will serve as their savings or investment. Aside from their contributions, member who need huge amount of money to be use for emergencies or other obligations can have a cash advance. This will be payable in your own terms but of course with certain interest lower as compared to other entities. At the end of the year, if the member wasn’t able to pay his full dues it will be deducted to the accumulated monthly contributions. If a member didn’t have any loans he will be able to get his total money plus certain interests. It’s just like putting money in the bank and withdrawing it after a year.

If you want to be money wise, you might want to inquire in your company if they offer this kind of program, or better yet suggest it to your HR Department. This will be beneficial to everybody whether you are a borrower or just someone who wants to save a little money for himself.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cloud Crowd is Back

Are you addicted with Facebook? Then add, Cloud Crowd on your list of FB applications. I posted about Cloud Crowd last year then I forgot all about it. :D Okay, I still did little tasks but after getting paid several times, I got busy with some other stuff. Aside from the fact that every time I check out the site there are no tasks, so I forgot all about it. But this month, I receive payments from them, which means they are back with more tasks. Honestly, I haven't done any task yet last June but still I receive small payments, these are my commissions from my referrals. wow! Thanks to all my referrals, I was able to accumulate about $0.50 for the month of June doing nothing. I know you have more payments than me. :D :D I wish you all the best and I hope Cloud Crowd will have more tasks for all of us.

Not yet a member of Cloud Crowd? Click Here to sign up and be paid doing small tasks.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Contest Sponsor : First Wave

After a week of posting my Invitation for cash sponsors, I got pledges already. I am so thankful to all the bloggers who gave their pledges for my upcoming contest. Here’s a little linky love to show my appreciation.

Partial listing of the sponsors in no particular order

Once again, Thank you for your support, Please email me at so I can give you my paypal ID.

Sponsorship is still open; you can click here for more details. I hope to give out BIG prizes, but this will not be possible without your help. Other forms of sponsorship will be open in the middle of July, so that all participants will go home with some thing, may it be Big or small.

Thanks in Advance

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Top Droppers

Here are my top entredroppers for June.

I am Harriet manage to say on top of all the entredropper thus she gets one month ad on my side bar. 

While some of you guys are new to my site, welcome to my simple money site I hope you enjoyed your visit. I am sorry if I can not return your visit all the time, but for sure, when middle of July comes, I will be more active in bloghopping.

See you next month

For additional EC credits, do drop by at my other site:


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