Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Paid with Facebook

While I was adgitizing register I stumbled on Bambie's of my Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf
Since I am getting addicted with Face Book applications this would be fun for me. I can be paid by enjoying
FB.At CloudCrowd is where work gets done. We bring together people who want to work, and work that     pays.You will be paid by performing simple tasks.You can also get some referrals and it will help you with the earnings. This is up to three level Crowd. Referral rates are as follows:

For Work Performed By Your:
You Receive The Following Commission:
1st Level Personal Crowd (people you directly invite)
10.1% of what they get paid
2nd Level Personal Crowd
3rd Level Personal Crowd

I finished some tasks already, its so easy.
Do you already have a Face book Account? What are you waiting for.? Join Cloud Crowd and be paid!


  1. hi! great to hear you started with cloudcrowd, too. it's a great site. parang mas ok pa sa microworkers in a way. instant payment pa. :)

  2. hello mara! you will just perform simple task, like rating a site. There were four choices this morning. The rate is from $0.04 to $1.00 per task. try it out!

  3. Hi bambie! Thanks for sharing the site. I just finished one task this morning and I received payment already

  4. Oh,great. I like this infomation. It's very useful. Thanks friend :)

  5. Gah. I don't get the chance to claim a task. :(

  6. Hi ken! Thanks! see you more often here.

  7. just be patient mumu, their will be task soon.

  8. not sure how this work, its my first time know this

  9. may payment proofs ka na bago dito red? eheheh

  10. i am not into facebook but heard this many times


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