Sunday, October 18, 2009

Upgraded Membership at earn EasyCash PTC

I upgraded my membership at Earn Easy Cash PTC. It is an Aurora script Paid to click site. At first I was not seriously clicking at that site. It was just on my secondary priority of PTC. But when I checked out their membership upgrades, I saw that there is a $1 Upgraded membership that is good for one month. So, I decided to upgraded. What are my benefits as an upgraded member?
Upon upgrading I received
  • 500 Link Credits
  • 1000 X-Credits 
And every week for the duration of one month I will receive
  • 50 link credits
  • 50 paid to read credits
I have more ads available for clicking and  can request payment anytime, without minimum payment. And so, after upgrading yesterday morning, I immediately requested for a cash out which is $0.15. And when I went home last night, there it is on my paypal account. Here's the proof:

I spent a net of  $0.85 for the upgrade plus the advertising. I think, it's a good deal. Aside from that,  Every 8 ads I surf, I can play and a chance to win advertising credits and cash.


  1. wow,great site. Thanks for this info. :)

  2. congrats red...
    i have an award for you =)

  3. I have join in EEC but I still confuse about it especially how to get point in Paid to Surf and Paid to Read. I have clicking the Ads and the correct number but I never got the any points. Could you tell me how it work?

  4. hi star! you just have to surf, and you will earn from there. don't forget to click the right number after the timer stops.

  5. first time to heard, wanted to check it but busy earning points hehe

  6. may upgrade din pala yan? parang coke eheheh


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