Monday, October 12, 2009

Cloud Crowd Rocks!

Okay, I registered this morning at Cloud Crowd. I should have done it last night, but my computer was getting slow, so I turned it off. That was a big mistake! Because if I registered last night, maybe I have more completed tasks. Anyway, I just completed one task this morning after signing up. the rate for that task was $0.04. I spend about two minutes doing that. And after about 3 - 4 hours,  I was surprised to see a payment in my paypal account.

 Just a small amount but it represents that it is a legitimate site.

Bad news is that there are no available tasks the whole day. hahaha. Hopefully tomorrow there will be lots of available task for all of us who are earning online.

Link can be seen in the post before this. thank you. :D


  1. nice see you make money again oh yeah the random site your side bar where you get them?

  2. this is familiar with me but i never join this

  3. minsan tinatamad ako pag ganyan lang na eearn ":D


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