Friday, August 16, 2013

REDLR First payment proof

I have receive my first payment on REDLR. This is a paid to post forum and talks about ways of earning online, if you want to join just click here. Minimum payment is $2.50 which you can reach in one day just by doing the tasks on facebook and twitter and by posting few replies on the other topics. I was able to do it. Joined in the morning and receive the payment in the afternoon.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Paid to Post Forum: REDLR

As you know, I love posting in forums and when I discovered about paid to post forums, I become active in any forums that pays. So now, I have been invited to a new paid to post forum called REDLR. I just joined today but I think the site is cool.

They have a running referral contest wherein the member who refers the highest number of members with at least 3 posts each will receive 6000 points equivalent to $60. Second and Third place is also available.

The minimum payment is only $2.5 which makes the site rocks and they pay thru paypal!

Other details are as followed as taken from the website:

*Referring a member : 25 points (Per active referral must complete 3 posts) (This is the amount of points a user will receive when a new user registers with them as the referring member.)

*Registering : 20 points (This amount of points is given to a new user upon registration.)

*Creating a Thread : (up to 3 points) (This is the base amount of points that a user will receive per thread creation.)
*Posting a Reply : (up to 2 points) (This is the base amount of points that a user will receive per reply.) *Bonus Points Per Character : 0.001 points (When making a post, this will give a user an amount of points per character in their message. The total is then added to the base points per thread/reply before being multiplied by the forum specific option of that type.)
*Good Reputation Receive : 5 points (This is the base amount of points a user will receive when they are given positive reputation. This can either be a static amount or multiplied by the amount of reputation given, as toggled below.)
*Thread View : 0.001 points (This is the base amount of points that a user will receive when a thread they create is viewed by somebody else)

We give Extra Bonus points every month : for quality thread and post (Best Sharing,Tips,Trick,Product Review,etc)

Maximum Create (New Thread) : 50 Threads/day
Maximum Post Reply : 100 Posts/day

Conversation Rate
250 points = $2.5
500 points = $5
750 points = $7.5
1K points = $10

I have not receive payment yet, as I said, I just joined today, but hopefully, I can have a payment proof within a week, at the most it will be in a month, so come and help me prove that this site is legit. Join and post at least three replies or threads! :) please don't forget to put "redamethyst" on the referrer box in case it becomes empty. Thank you. And who knows, you might enjoy it and just be an active member for additional earning online!


Sunday, May 5, 2013


I just signed up on a site that is called bubblews. It is an ad revenue sharing site that gives 50/50 to its users. A user can create an article and the more views, comments or likes/dislikes it will receive the more earnings the user will have. I think this is something similar to a website that was really popular back then. Oh, anyway, I registered today about an hour ago, created two topics and I earned $1.27 already! Well, this is quite big earning for me but I know this is small for the members that have receive a lot of payment already. Now, I hope I can reach $25 as soon as possible so that I can share the payment proofs on my blogs to attract possible referrals. But if you can’t wait for my payment proof, you can try it out yourself and see what I am talking about, you can click here or click the picture below. bubblews


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