Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reasons to Hire a Professional Consultant or Expert Witness

During the legal proceeding related to a financial crime or civil lawsuit, the complexity of the cases and how the law was violated can be challenging to prove or defend. Since it is challenging for attorneys to understand and then convey the issue to a jury, hiring a professional to help prepare the case and provide expert testimonial is very important and beneficial. One individual that is well experienced in acting as an expert witness and helping a legal team with a case is Michael Richards. Michael Richards is a banking and finance professional with over 35 years of experience in the industry. The experience that he has earned allows him to provide excellent information and guidance to a legal team and makes him a reputable witness. He has plenty of experience dealing with all of the financial laws and regulations set forth by all of the regulating bodies, including the FCC, SEC, OCC, and FDIC. Beyond providing services as an expert witness, he can also help individual companies in dealing with the regulating bodies and establishing practices to ensure they continue to stay compliant. This can help to prevent lawsuits and fines going forward. If you are interested in the services that can be provided by Michael Richards, it would be a good idea to visit his website, MRichardsConsulting.com. Through the website you can read more about his experience, the services that he can provide, and you can contact him directly.


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