Friday, October 16, 2009

Good News From Base Bucks

Good news to everyone interested in HYIP.

The promotional offer is back!  yes it's back! If you haven't join Base bucks yet, you can join now and put the promotional code:  onedollar on the registration page when you sign up. And basebucks will give you a welcome package containing a completely free $1.00 investment (on the 10strikes setting). For which you will get paid daily dividends on that investment, paid direct to their liberty reserve account, until they earn 170% back!

So, you registered already, but missed the first promotional offer? Don't worry! There is also $1 investment free for you who missed the first offer, just follow the simple steps.

To collect your free investment you simply need to login to your account!
On your 'Account' page, there is a button that says 'Collect Your $1 Free Investment'

1) Click on that!
2) We will send you an email with a validation code (link). Click on that! Or enter the code.
3) And your $1 investment will appear in your account. And your earnings will begin the following day!
(Once you're earning, check out the to-do page tasks to earn even more money for nothing every day!)

Still in doubt whether the site is paying??? here's my payment proof:

I already collect $0.65 from them, not really big, but it's really for free.Just click the banner to join


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  2. hi red! i want to sign up for basebucks kaso, i don't have funds in my LR account. i'm still waiting for a response if may mag-aaccept nun offer ko to exchange PP funds for LR funds.

    di ko pa din masyado magrasp yun concept but basing from what i see in your posts about BB, mukhang maganda sya.☺

  3. You can still register at Basebucks even though you don't have LR funds. para nageearn ka na agad kahit barya lang. hehehe


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