Monday, July 5, 2010

Money Matters

Money is very important in our daily lives. We use this to pay or buy our necessities. People work hard everyday to get a full pay on their payday. As much as possible we want to budget our salary very well so that our money will be enough until the next payday. But there will be uncontrolled circumstances that we will need extra money and would end in needing some cash advances. Nowadays, companies offer different programs to help their employees when it comes to money matters.

My friend’s company have what they call “coop.” In this program, members would contribute something every payday. This will serve as their savings or investment. Aside from their contributions, member who need huge amount of money to be use for emergencies or other obligations can have a cash advance. This will be payable in your own terms but of course with certain interest lower as compared to other entities. At the end of the year, if the member wasn’t able to pay his full dues it will be deducted to the accumulated monthly contributions. If a member didn’t have any loans he will be able to get his total money plus certain interests. It’s just like putting money in the bank and withdrawing it after a year.

If you want to be money wise, you might want to inquire in your company if they offer this kind of program, or better yet suggest it to your HR Department. This will be beneficial to everybody whether you are a borrower or just someone who wants to save a little money for himself.


  1. i am money wise but i dont work for any company :(

  2. HR company they don't check background of the employee as they only think about hire one

  3. yeah money matters and I am working for your contest :D


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