Sunday, July 18, 2010

Microworkers payment proof

I blog about receiving my pin from Microworkers last June 5. You can see it here. I immediately requested for the payment and I got it after two days.

At Microworkers, you can Browse micro jobs, Select jobs you like, finish your tasks & submit proofs, Earn money plus $1.00 Sign up bonus. Join now.


  1. congratulations on your payment sis!

  2. sis, is this true?
    i am joining too! i need extra income!

  3. sis this is nice, is it paying using paypal?

  4. sis I just try sign up then the link page empty then when I saw and register I click submit is not working :(

  5. maybe I try other time as maybe internet

  6. i have an account in microworkers but i only have 3$ there, i need to reach the minimun cash out


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