Monday, July 19, 2010

MyLikes Payment Proof

Been a member of mylikes several months back. I don't know how it works at first until I saw blogs showing proof that they have been paid by the site. I became active and so I got paid last Friday:

How does it work:
1. Of course, you should have an account, just click the banner above to join
2. Connect your twitter account to mylikes
3. Become an Influencer by creating sponsored likes for advertisers/ sponsor
  • You can post it on twitter
  • You can post it at Facebook
  • You can post it on your blog
4. You get paid per click. Once you accumulate $2.00 in your account you will be paid on a Friday.

That easy! Check it out now. For questions just leave a comment and I will try my best to answer it. :)


  1. Hi Red, sad talaga ako sa site na to.. they have my account suspended ... congrats hehehe...

  2. wow congrats sis! member din ako ng mylikes pero di ko alam paano ba kumita dyan. thanks for info. try ko ulit.

  3. Red, paano ba ireactivate ang account dito na suspend kaya yung akin,,, haissst.

  4. I need active referral. It is kind of exchange traffic. You visit sites and people visit yours. It accelerates the speed of earning and traffic.

    If you register yourself in

    I will be a part of your referral program if you needed me. hope to hear from you soon.

  5. until now not sure how to make money with my likes.

  6. ako di pa ako nakapa ask for payment :D

  7. I signup this sometimes ago but not login

  8. never try this program, parang forum to diba sis?

  9. I think I should try this I joined sometimes ago but not active

  10. I have joined there but i also have one click of 0.23 $, i want to know why they are showing pending. what is the meaning of pending.


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