Monday, July 19, 2010

Contest Sponsors Wave 3 plus non-cash sponsorship

I posted about the first batch of sponsors here and the second batch of sponsors here. Gave them some linky love after giving there intent on being my sponsor. Another week has passed, still some bloggers showed their generosity. Here are the third batch of sponsors.

Once again, Thank you so much. Please email me at so I can give you my paypal ID.

I am now accepting sponsorships other than cash, it can be EC credits, ad space, make up goodies or just about anything that you want to give away for my contest. You can get back links and back links from contest participants.To start with, Clarissa of Kizuna, Ties and Bonds of Love will be one of the non-cash sponsors. She promised to sponsor make up goodies, I still need to talk to her on how it will be given. Also, Deej Speaks is also willing to be a sponsor. hahaha.

Anyway, sponsorship will end on July 25. Thanks in advance


  1. I can give EC Credits...:-)

  2. Sent an e-mail,Red--nandun na ang details.Goodluck to your contest and thanks a lot!

  3. awww buti umabot pa ako...

    2000 ECs from Life Can't Wait
    1mo AD space at Up Now and What's Next

  4. yeah saw yuuki is one of the sponsors :D

  5. buti kapa u have some friend na willing maging sponsor, i wish maka handle din ako nang contest

  6. kaya mo yan rose...just believe in your self...


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