Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cloud Crowd is Back

Are you addicted with Facebook? Then add, Cloud Crowd on your list of FB applications. I posted about Cloud Crowd last year then I forgot all about it. :D Okay, I still did little tasks but after getting paid several times, I got busy with some other stuff. Aside from the fact that every time I check out the site there are no tasks, so I forgot all about it. But this month, I receive payments from them, which means they are back with more tasks. Honestly, I haven't done any task yet last June but still I receive small payments, these are my commissions from my referrals. wow! Thanks to all my referrals, I was able to accumulate about $0.50 for the month of June doing nothing. I know you have more payments than me. :D :D I wish you all the best and I hope Cloud Crowd will have more tasks for all of us.

Not yet a member of Cloud Crowd? Click Here to sign up and be paid doing small tasks.


  1. heheh... i laughed on this statement
    "I was able to accumulate about $0.50 for the month of June doing nothing"

  2. really?just an application in FB and you could earn? hmmm

  3. sis not sure why not able to do it.. the application I click then I select the 30cents.. but dont know what it say :(


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