Wednesday, July 28, 2010

PTC: Earn Easy Cash

Some time last year, I upgraded my account at Earn Easy Cash, I blog about it here. And now that I am back to earning online because I really need money for our needs, I decided to go back to my list of paying sites. EarnEasyCash is an aurora type PTC that pays.EEC is celebrating its two years anniversary and thus giving away more prizes when you surf. You can now play the game every 6 ads viewed instead of the usual 8. In the game you can win banner credit, surf credit and cash, or all three. Daily activity bonus are doubled too, you can get $0.01 for 50 sites surf or $0.02 for 100 sites surf.

As un upgraded member, I get more than 100 ads daily, 50 links credit weekly, 50 paid to read credits weekly and 500 links credit when I purchased the upgrade for only $2 for two months membership. Not bad, right? I already have $0.60 balance on my account today, I will requesting for payment so I will have some up to date payment proof for this site. Will be posting it as soon as I receive it. In the meantime, you can join Earn Easy Cash to grab the bonuses because it will end on August 1. :)


  1. I suggest registering at Onbux

    $0.04 for only 4 clicks! and if you upgrade, you can earn much more :D

    thanks for the bloghop :D really appreciate it, want to xchange links?

  2. Hello Sis Red! Kamusta naman ang blog mo? red na red pa din, since last Christmas pa toh ah? ako din eh, di na masyado maka-update. Buti ka pa nga eh nag-rank ung blog mo, PR 3 pa! Congratszz!! :)

  3. hi please do follow me, and i follow you too

  4. i will try to sign up for PTC kasi i havent tried it pa

  5. is good you have patience to do this.:D

  6. hmm never tried to sing up for this one, hmm ganda ba?

  7. easy lang talaga ang casH dito?

  8. I am so lazy to click. another reason is internet slow and pc hang

  9. last time I join one PTC its Singapore company and I never get pay :( sad... clicks so many months and never money effort lost so I seldom do PTC

  10. Nice post! Want to get cashback on all you buy online! Sign up free with this link and get £1 free to start you off!

  11. Hello, want to sharing info, new ptc from biggest ads provider for Yahoo, Right Media. No Minimum adds to click, 9+ads/day, 0,8 cents/click, 1 cent per referral click. No Limited for direct referral.

    Thanks and C U :)


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