Monday, November 9, 2009

my blog at Page rank 2

I started blogging in August this year. To be exact it was August 06 when I posted my first blog.
Wow! It was more than three months ago.
I would browse other blogs from time to time, leave a message on their shoutbox, or some times comment.
Try to post at least one update a day.
I was able to meet new people also...

Anyway, while doing my usual bloghopping, I would notice a page rank widget, I got interested and so I click it, not even knowing what's page rank for. hehehe. anyway, I check my site and yeah I would receive an N/A for a result on my page rank. But early this November, when I checked my page rank, I was happy to see:

Page Rank

I was so happy to see that result. I never thought that I would get a page rank 2. hehehe. I owe this to you, my readers, my visitors, my EC droppers and adgitizers:

I hope you will continue to support my simple blog.

hahaha. EMO!


  1. Congratulations for your pagerank!
    Keep the good work.

    Holiday With Mama

  2. congrats sis! :) this is great for us. great news noh?

  3. Congratz! I really want to blog but I dont have the time. I hope I can find more resources to achieve that PR 2 rank you also got here, ",)

  4. Wow! You have a great blog. Maybe you can get me some pointers on how to set up a blog like this.

  5. Wow how did you do that? Congratulations, btw. I posted my first blog post in December 08 and I still have a N/A pagerank. I get about 25-50 hits a day, but I don't have a PR. I just wanted to know if I'm doing anything wrong.
    Oh, and I love your blog. Keep up the great work!

  6. az in 3 months lng? kasi ako hanggang ngayon wla pa rin NA pa rin ang aking PR :(

  7. wow congrats sis, mine still 0.. hoping to see mine goes up haha

  8. buti nga mary rose yung sayo eh 0 ang akin nga NA LOL


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