Friday, November 6, 2009

First Adgitize payment

I joined Adgitize in September 8, 2009. I just joined as Publisher, but click the ads religiously everyday to have 100 points a day. And I try to post an entry on one of my blogs everyday. But of course, I miss some times. Anyway, I was able to accumulate $3.94 for September.

I decided to be an advertiser in October 22 only. I'm glad I did. There was an increase on my traffic and page views. My Alexa rank went up also, from 500,+++ to 300, +++ hahaha.

And I was able to receive payment yesterday. Yipee! I was so happy.


  1. Congratulation! I too received my payments yesterday and pretty excited that I earn $40.68. Bravo adgitize!

    Adgitize payment

  2. congratulations to you! congratulations to us!☺ i renewed my ad with them. i'm going to see if may big increase.☺

  3. Congrats! I have been a member ever since January, but I only tried to advertise this October. Imagine how much I've missed. haha! ^^

  4. I have just joined adgitize yesterday, I don't know if it will work for me or not, but there's no wrong to try it first :P

  5. oh yeah I forgot to update post every day

  6. wow congrats! never have a payment with adgitized

  7. wow congrats. ayan mag sa sign up na ako sa adgitize :D asan na yng link mo?


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