Thursday, January 21, 2010

Paypal Wishlist Payment

Remember Paypal's Wishlist on Facebook? I blogged about it sometime in November, and I invited my friends to create their own paypal Wishlist. And today, I got paid already:

Thank you to all people who created their wish list using my referral link. You know who you are, and don't forget to check your Paypal account for your own payment.


  1. wow that was a huge amount! i wasn't able to join though but the highest i heard was $6, now ur the highest so far (that i know of)...congrats!

  2. i got 23 dollars on this too.. hehe

  3. Hi sis, melandria (ria) won the first place on my contest. :)

  4. we have the same amount red :) ako din,kala ko lokohan lang yun, di pala :D

  5. wow there is alot money mine only $1. LOL

  6. ur such a lucky to received that amount, i wish maka rcv din ako nang ganyan

  7. many people using paypal today


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