Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review Me: 1st & 2nd payment

I joined Reviewme two months ago. I receive my first offer on my first month and another offer on the second month. They pay on the first day of the following day. For examples, all offers you made for the month of November will be paid on December 1 through paypal. Here's the my proof to first and second payment:

ReviewMe is beneficial to both bloggers and advertisers. As a blogger, you can choose what categories your blog belongs and after that you can wait for advertisers to pick you to review their products. As an advertiser, you can select what type of blog you want to do a review for you. Bloggers will review your product and bring your site traffic, viral buzz and invaluable feedback.


  1. Is there any criteria for the reviews? Do they need to approve it? That is a lot of help for an extra income.

  2. Great info! you're giving me a good idea. This could be an excellent source of extra income. I will check more about this and how the process goes.

  3. I also heard about that site that pays bloggers to reviews some products or stuffs. I think I'm gonna check it now. Thanks.


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