Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scam Alert: Osmanlibux

I was able to get an instant payment of few cents at Osmanlibux. I hope you guys also got your first payment from that site. I got several referral and I click ads from time to time, when I remember I have to click. :D The second time I requested to cashout, it gave a message that I need to reach a minimum clicks before the cash out, which I think is fine because some PTC apply that rule too. After I reach the minimum click, I requested again for cash out, it gave another message, I can't remember what. The third time I requested for cash out, the message was I can request cash out based on my investment. I don't trust the site so I don't want to investment anything, good enough because I can't access the site since Sunday.
Bottom line is Osmanlibux is SCAM.


  1. ay naku sis ganyan na ganyan ang nangyari sa akin kaya tumigil n ako ng pagclick .. :(

  2. From what I have read here, Osmanlibux definitely sounds like a scam. Why else would they keep making excuses for not letting you cashout? Good job exposing these scammers for who they really are. I'm glad not all PTC programs are like this.


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