Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Payment from Venture Surf

I joined a manual surf site named VentureSurf and invest $6 last November 11. I surf 11 ads immediately with 11 seconds timer. After that my cash balance would have $0.66. After two days, I withdrew $1.32 and instantly it was on my alertpay account. I got two payments already, which you can view below.

After 11 days, my $6 will earn $1.26, that's 21% income. Its better than letting my money sit on Alertpay, gaining nothing. Of course, the more money you invest the more you earn. If you invest $10, you can withdraw your money everyday because you will be getting $1.1 everyday that you surf. Aside from that, I also get advertising credits so I can use it in promoting my affiliate links or my blog.

So, Do you have a spare $6 or even $10 on your alertpay account? Are they just sitting there earning no interest? Do you want to invest it for 11 days and get 11% of your money everyday, just like I did? Then, join VentureSurf today and start earning money.

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