Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Microworkers 3rd payment

Here's my third payment from Microworkers. I'm beginning to love this site already. Before, I don't appreciate this site, but lately they have been offering many tasks for employees to do that's why I reach minimum payment immediately. Highest paying tasks are blog posts of 50 words plus a link to the advertiser's site. Yes, the rates are lower as compared to other sites such as sponsored reviews, but just doing 10 or more tasks you will be able to reach your payout. You can choose what type of job to accept. How about you? Have you received your microworkers paymnet already? Are you a member? If not, join now and starting making money.


  1. Congrats...I am trying to do the task which requires PR2 blogs pero need nila own domain name...now na meron na ako siguro ang work out ko nlang eh yung PR ko..heheheh...

  2. congrats sis .. i am a member but not reach payout :( but its getting nearer sana hopefully ma reach na =)

  3. wow that is nice another payment

  4. I forgot say I also use another account to comment too.

  5. hi red, what do they mean in the required proof asking for our ip address? do you give urs?

  6. yes, I do give my IP address. They give a link to get our IP address.

  7. nice post. my blog still PR1 and theres not much work for me. hope you hit me for my traffic..hehe


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