Monday, September 20, 2010

Quick Update

Hello everyone! Thank you to all bloggers who have joined my contest. There is still plenty of time to join the raffle and blog post contests and still more time to get more points if you are aiming for the highest pointer prizes. I will be updating the scores this week(hopefully)! In the meantime, in my previous post I was asking you to guess what's my internet service provider. I got one correct answer already and I am looking for three winners. If until Wednesday no other participant would be able to guess the correct answer, I will give all the 90 points to the one who first gave the correct answer. Come on! Do your research, just google it and he will give you the answer, you have time until Wednesday to grab the 20 points for two contest participants. :) :)


  1. wow you going to update the score this week

  2. it is a long week, try your best

  3. everyone still got time to find out ISP

  4. sana naman wala ng makahula LOL

  5. lagpas na ng wednesday:D may nakahula ba o wala? update update update ehehe

  6. hay naku, magpapa ka adik na naman ba ako?LOL

  7. at nagtanong tanong din sa friends ko ahahaha

  8. at alam mo ba na habanag ngcocoment ako eh ngpa pile ako ng =funchum:D ahaha

  9. red, asan ka?d ka online sa ym?


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