Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HKBuzz 3rd Paymnet

Here's another payment from a PTC. Some of you might be tired of clicking ads, honestly I get tired and bored to sometimes but I realized doing this while doing other tasks or while playing farmville and cafeworld won't hurt at all. Actually, its helpful since it will help me have some funds on my paypal account. As I always say, every cent counts.

Being a verified member at HKBuzz will give you more available ads to click. Payment for verified membership is very cheap. For only $3 a year, or $5 for a lifetime membership plus 500 hits advertising credits.


  1. Hi sis, eto na naman ako, online ng more than 4 hours na yata... hihi... bahala na maghintay yung customer na yun. Yoko nga magvacate sa computer ehehe..

    Nywez, sasali ako nito under you, promise. :D

  2. I didn't know about this site..Maybe I should go check this out for additional income :-)

  3. di ko alam to:D HK? bakit? hongkong? ehehe

  4. check ko na din nga para naman kumita ehehe

  5. yung mga d pa sumasali sa contest mo marami pa ba? ahaha


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