Monday, September 13, 2010

Bantayan Island

I live in the Philippines and yet I still have lots of places to explore here. There are so many beautiful places here that are worth everyone’s visit. Just like Bantayan Island, a little Paradise in Cebu. The place is not crowded and not too commercialized and is perfect for people who want to have a peace and quiet vacation. Life here is more relaxed and slower, the local people who live here are very warmth and friendly, they live a very simple and yet happy life in a bamboo or coco wood houses. You can see blue skies, clean air, turquoise water and white sand beaches, you can even witness beautiful sunrise and sunset. If you are looking for a more relaxed and peaceful vacation destination, Bantayan Island should be on your list.


  1. i've never been in Bantayan island, parati ako napostpone:D LOL

  2. punta tayo red :D mag eb tayo mga friendships sa blogosphere ahaha

  3. tsaka did you take the quiz na sa johnsons? punta ka sa aking blog site bilis ehehe

  4. punta ka dun sa host ng pint, andun ung tungkol sa twitter party ehehe

  5. thanks sa visit gawa ka ng post for PINT

  6. Indeed, it is a nice place and still serene. My father's place is just close by but it was already late last year that I was able to go to Bantayan.

    Here's some of my snapshots there.

  7. red tulungan mo na ako sa widgets huhuhuh

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