Friday, September 17, 2010

Whatever happened to Content Current?

I used to love content current. This is another paid to write program. I used to receive a lot of payments from them, some proofs you can see here.They have two option, article writer and forum writer. Of course I maximized my role as a forum writer. I received several payments from them and it became one of my favorite sites. But these past few months there are no forum posting opportunity BUT there are still article writing opportunities. I didn’t apply as article writer so I can’t accept any opportunities. Most of the people I know who is working on content current is as forum writer too so I can't really check if they are still paying. Any of you who have news from content current? 

But if you want to try them out, you can apply as a writer and make sure you check on the box that says apply for article writing. Just a note my last payment from them was April. You can register, try out one article and see if they will pay. They don’t have a minimum payout so even if you do just one article you will be included on the next payday.And don't forget to inform me if they will pay you, alrighty?hehehe. Thanks.


  1. hi red .. never ko pa na heard itong site na ito ..Siguro kpag medyo may time n i will check that one =)

  2. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out and hope there are opps available for me. :)

  3. wala akong aalam dyan. di ko pa natry yan ehehe

  4. tsaka red, kelan ka ba mgoonline? papatulong sana ako ahaha

  5. Thanks for the info, really helpful posts you got here. I've been gathering infos on how I can join write up and content programs so i can get started. thank you for the help. cheers always.


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