Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bonus points

Only one got the correct answer on my previous guessing game.
The right answer is Wi-Tribe and only ZOAN got it. She will have additional 90 points.

I have a new blog. It’s a food blog and its quite hungry because it has a few google friends and few subscriber. So, please if you have time please visit my latest blog: Food, Appetite & Me. Connect with me through google and subscribe to my feeds. Kindly add it on your blog roll too. If you have done this, I will give you extra 100 points.

Just leave your name, email address used for subscribing and the link to your blog roll where you placed my link

And Yes! There is still a lot who haven’t joined the contest. There are four simple steps to follow in order to qualify for the blog post and raffle draw prizes:

**Create a blog post about my contest with contest sponsor links, copy the code here:

**Place my contest badge on your sidebar you can also see the code here.

**Subscribe to my feeds and follow all my blogs you can see all the buttons and links here.

**And finally, create your Most Memorable journey as a blogger post.

***Submit your entries here. That’s it.

Thank you, thank you!


  1. Done --->

    Im joining this contest, Di ko palang napost yung final requirement

  2. woohoo thanks,thanks,thanks ahahaahha

  3. okay, i will be back after doing the required task ehehehe

  4. done with the following:D and done with the feed burner, but haven't confirmed it yet :D tsaka will be putting in the blog list pa

  5. followede you thru google :D
    added it in my blog list :
    and subscribed to its feeds :D joanne gonzales :D

    done with so another 100 points yepey

  6. i am done with it :D nayayhahahahah

  7. i have followed ur new blog thru GFC :
    username : winchester

    subscribed and confirmed my subscription to your feeds..
    i have also added it to my blogroll:

  8. hay naku hirap naman magcomment

  9. ang layo ko sa commenting huhuhuhu

  10. congrats to Zoan!!! followed your new blog :-)

  11. done added to connect google and added the blog to blogroll 2
    subscribed using sherrygo at ymail dot com

  12. so hard to guess, hehe.. but lucky zoan got it

  13. yeah me follower your new blog :D

  14. everyone should give a shot in your contest.

  15. I help spread the contest at my other blogs

  16. you must be busy count the points

  17. sa dami ba naman ng sagot ko imposible walang tumama ahahah

  18. weeehhh sana may bonus points pa

  19. thanks sa inyong lahat ehehehe

  20. followed your new blog --- username: kmaram
    added to my blogroll ---

  21. hehe.. zoan you must be very happy :D

  22. now I wonder whats the new points :D

  23. can't wait to see if there is update of points


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