Monday, February 22, 2010

A review for CrossRoads

I know this is not my first time to visit CrossRoads. But thanks to Kaye and Pehpot's Contest, I have the opportunity to visit this site again and much more to do a blog review.  The site have a mint green background that is very cool to the eye, with two column layout containing one big sidebar and two mini sidebar. The sidebar consists mostly of ads and some useful links, comments and the tag cloud. Though, the url and the title itself is very manly, I still didn't expect that the author is a guy since it contains lots of interesting articles about the local entertainment business. He writes any ideas that comes to his mind, be it an eye bulging news like the chop chop lady(just beware in clicking this) to lighter and funny stuffs like the foreign movie title translations.  I can feel that this guy have a good heart because his heart crashed over seeing an old woman near his house. If you are looking for some news, events, or you just missed a show in your favorite tv network, you can check CrossRoads and you might find what you are looking for. Like me, I just missed The Bottomline, and good thing, I came across this site, there are video clips of the show for me to watch and be updated.


  1. talaga? chindi pa na miss ang chopchop lady ha, starring may major role ehehe

  2. hehe.. funny the name chopchop lady

  3. I like the blog design of this blog


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