Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mara's Personal Bubble

This is not my first time to visit Mara's Personal Bubble. And this time, I visited it to do my review as entry to K and Pehpot's Contest.  The site has a black background and white background for the main and sidebar. The header contains the title of the blog written in a box looks like a message post or sign board and have a pink background. The letters of "bubble" written on an animated bubble like design. The header itself already made an impression already. The sidebar contains some ads, widgets and banners that encourage the readers to earn online just like her.

The content of the blog is about Mara, the author of this blog. She talks about her daily life and her struggles. A lady who misses her dad so much, writes her daily thoughts very well. She writes it as if she is just talking to a friend, asking for advices. She feels sad and frustrated at times, but blogging and her friends are there to help her cheer up, making her realize that she have many reasons to smile and keep that bubbly spirit. She writes a good book review, joins weekly meme and contest and getting her fair share of luck. A site that has a lot to offer deserves your visit and your time.


  1. ako hindi ko namimiss tatay ko... ahahahah

  2. yeah is good to know blogging cheer her up

  3. nice review, i love how the way u review blog.

  4. I miss my dad too, but he calls every day I like.


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