Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Review for Mara's Appetite

A blog review for Mara's Appetite as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

Mara's Appetite is another blog brought to you by Mara de Guzman. The title itself will give you the idea that this blog is about food, well about Mara food explorations. She actually have a confession the she spend most of her money on food, which I can just relate because sometime last year, I realized that we are spending a way too much for food, eating in a restaurant, trying out some new dishes. The sites header is just delicious, oh, is just perfect for the blog's theme, you can see images of cakes and candies. Just by looking on the header, I can hear my stomache. The labels on the sidebar is just perfect so visitors can just choose what food to eat, eerrr to visit and read.

She enjoys trying new food offered in the market may it be in a restaurant or just an instant Mac & Cheese. As she said having instant Mac & cheese for breakfast while playing Farmville is not bad at all. Just by browsing and looking at the pictures makes me hungry, and when I read her reviews, it just makes me realize that I'm still missing a lot of food out there. She also have the great dream to save up to buy a G11 camera for better food photos. She have this donate button on the sidebar, so maybe you are generous enough to give her a tip. I myself will give her a tip if I manage to grab some prizes at K & Pehpot's contest. :D :D


  1. naku naman ayaw ko e visit ito baka gutomin lang ako ehehehe

  2. mac and cheese sound nice I not yet try

  3. i visit the site and i found it beautiful. i love her layout.

  4. one problem is her blog comment time, I find it hard.


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