Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is It Always About Yuuki?

This is not my first time to visit It's not always about me. I visited her before through The three column layout with pink and purple background is very feminine. The layout is very clean with a few ads and widgets. Archives is available but for me browsing would be a little easier if label or categories are also available so I can easily click what topic to go to. This blog was created by Yuuki to venture out some of her frustrations. Eventually, she enjoyed blogging and it reflects more of herself.

Like me, Yuuki loves joining contest. Other than that, she is an anime fan, asian dramas, reality shows and tv series. She is also a fan of Barbie that's why she supported a Movement to Inspire Girls. Got to remember to join this also. She also an active Girl Talker and loves Music Monday. This is not always About Yuuki, she shares about life, family and her love one. You can just feel how she misses her family since she is working in Dubai, apart from that she is also earning online. She sometimes write short and simple articles but don't ever miss her Quote Unquote collection. With a Page rank of Three (3) this site deserves your visit. I myself is a follower and a regular reader of Yuuki.

A review for It's Not Always About Me as entry to Kaye & Pehpot Contest.


  1. Just checking out the BC Bloggers Participants. The list would be given out tomorrow.
    WAHM sa Pinas

  2. hmmm galing naman, never visited that site pa, mapuntahan nga :D

  3. I saw her update on the movie she watch

  4. isa to sa mga majoy sponsor mo right?

  5. yeah get to know more of her join the contest


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