Friday, February 19, 2010

A Visit to Bambie's Thoughts, Heart, Turf

A review for My thoughts, My Heart, My Turf as entry to Kaye & Pehpot Contest.

Sunshine or Bambie is one the few people I met online before I entered blogosphere. I've bumped into her a couple of times in different paid to post forum. This lady is also into different get paid to programs. I believe she is a work at home lady, just correct me if I'm wrong :D

She is the author of My thoughts, My Heart, My Turf. I am a follower and constant visitor and commenter of this blog. You can just see my name on the Top commentators list located on the right sidebar. Ooopss I'm down to number 4 on the list, I'll be back on posting comments, just wait. hehee. The site is clean and easy to navigate with three column layout. The pink and white polkadots background plus lighter pink background on the wrappers is so feminine. Ads are perfectly on the right spots. Shout mix, recent comments, ranks, stats, and some others are located on the three colum footer.

Bambie actually maintains two sites, but this site is focuses more but not limited to her experiences on earning online, she joins different get paid to programs. Reviews, contests, whatchamacallits are also posted, her simple life experiences like how excited she is with her Family Reunion. You can just feel her emotions whenever she writes something. Her Blogversary is coming soon also, she already have a list of sponsors but still accepting more pledges, so drop by her site, check out the contest details, read her posts and be inspired.


  1. I often visit her blog but sometimes no comment

  2. yeah she is one of the sponsors in your contest too

  3. review this but she used different layout now


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